The Left is making their move. They just approved a massive amnesty bill to put more than 4 million illegal aliens and migrants on a pathway to citizenship!

A lot has been happening in Washington DC. As Democrats continue to pressure Nancy Pelosi to let them impeach the President, Donald Trump is fighting back by ordering the DOJ to declassify all of the Russia witch hunt documents.

But behind all of this political theater, the Democrats and their GOP allies just did something truly sinister. They just passed a bill through committee that would put illegal aliens — even those with multiple criminal convictions — on a pathway to US citizenship.

The bill is called the Dream Act of 2019 (HR 2820) and it was just pushed through the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

It is worse than we ever could have imagined. This one bill would give amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to up to 3.5 million illegals.

But even worse, it is a clean amnesty bill, which means there is no "compromise" on border security. The Left is just going to give out no-strings-attached amnesty to millions of illegals…

And Republicans in Congress are actually celebrating this…

Kill the Left's amnesty bill before it's too late! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and THREATEN to remove any Congressman or Senator who dares vote for any of these amnesty bills!

For years, you've heard Democrats and Republicans alike talking about "comprehensive" immigration reform. In a nutshell, this was a plan to give amnesty to illegals in exchange for important changes to our immigration system. It was going to be a bitter pill for Conservatives to swallow, but at least Conservative legislators were pushing to include provisions to end sanctuary cities and pass Kate's Law.

That's all gone now. None of the Conservative immigration provisions are being included in Pelosi's bill. There's nothing "comprehensive" about it. It is nothing but an amnesty and citizenship giveaway!

This wasn't the only amnesty bill that Jerry Nadler pushed through committee. The Left also pushed through the American Promise Act of 2019 (HR 2820), which would give amnesty to almost half a million "temporary" migrants who fled to the United States years and even decades ago to escape natural disasters in their home countries, but have refused to return home. We opened our doors to people who needed help. But now that their home countries have rebuilt, these "temporary" migrants want permanent amnesty.

Democrats also approved a third bill in committee (HR 549) that would give amnesty to all Venezuelan illegal aliens in the United States. We have no idea how many there are, so the bill doles out amnesty to all of them…

Put together, House Democrats pushed through a package on Wednesday that would give amnesty and citizenship to well over 4 million illegal aliens and migrants.

The Republicans are staying quiet because this is exactly what the GOP Donor class has been demanding. They want to flood the market with 4 million new workers willing to work for less than Americans…

When the GOP tried to push the Dream Act through back in 2013/4, we fought like hell to stop them. And that bill only would have given amnesty to 800,000 people. This time, the Left wants to give amnesty and citizenship to five-times as many illegals, even if they have criminal records!

These horrible bills were pushed through committee, which means that they will reach the floor for a full vote early next week. Mitch McConnell has already signaled that he will let the bill come to the floor in the Senate if there are enough Republicans willing to vote with the Democrats.

Time is up. If you don't want to see millions of illegal aliens given amnesty and a pathway to voting in this country, then you need to fight back right now!

Kill the Left's amnesty bill before it's too late! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and THREATEN to remove any Congressman or Senator who dares vote for any of these amnesty bills!

No amnesty for illegals… ever!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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