The Pentagon just announced that they are pulling 1.5 billion in funding out Afghanistan in order to build more sections of border wall. President Trump is promising to put America first, and he is doing just that.

There is a reason that the Pentagon is rushing to get border wall sections approved as fast as possible. Last week, House Democrats officially held their first vote on a bill to block President Trump from using military funding to build barriers on the Southern Border.

The House Appropriations Committee voted Thursday on the amendment stipulating that no Pentagon funds can be "obligated, expended or used to design, construct, or carry out a project to construct a wall, barrier, fence, or road along the Southern border of the United States or a road to provide access to a wall, barrier, or fence constructed along the Southern border of the United States."

The amendment was a test vote to see whether Republicans would be willing to turn on President Trump… It worked. Congressman Will Hurd (R-TX) joined the Democrats and voted for this shameful amendment. Rep. Hurd is the one who blocked the border wall last year and gave the funding as foreign aid instead. Now, he is trying to kill it off forever…

We are now in a race against time. President Trump is rushing to approve the border wall construction before Congress can pull away the funding. 

The President needs your help!

Fight for the border wall! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and BLOCK the Democrats' plan to cut the border wall funding!

Democrats know that this is their best chance to block the border wall. So, they are combining military construction funding with the legislation supporting veterans programs. Their goal is to pressure Republicans into abandoning the border wall in order to protect veterans' benefits. 

And it is working…

President Trump is doing everything he can to secure the Southern border, but he can never succeed if Congressional Republicans aren't willing to even fight for it!

Last week, President Trump announced that 450 miles of border wall will be finished by the end of next year. The 1.5 billion that the Pentagon just shifted would bring that total up to almost 530 miles of border wall.

Not fencing… not renovations… new border wall construction. More than half of the US-Mexico border would have a fence or wall.

Democrats — and some open border Republicans — are terrified and Thursday's vote is just the beginning…

You and I both know that the Republicans cannot be trusted to fund the border. Paul Ryan and the GOP spent two years blocking the border wall from going up.

Now that President Trump is doing it on his own, these Republican traitors are desperate to block him again!

Don't let the left pull the funding! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and BLOCK the Democrats' plan to cut the border wall funding!

Now that the Left has pushed this radical amendment through, this is all going to start happening really fast.

Democrats are already pressuring House and Senate Republicans to flip and it's starting to work!

You must fight back right now!

Fight for the border wall! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and KILL the Democrats' plan to cut the border wall funding!

No surrender,

Joe Otto
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