This is the most disgusting thing I have seen in months. 

Ismael Huazo Jardinez is an illegal alien from Mexico. He was deported back in 2011 but almost illegally re-entered the United States. He received a reckless driving conviction since then, but California law refuses to allow Federal immigration agents to arrest illegal aliens arrested on motor vehicle violations.

California's sanctuary city law says that just because an illegal alien is convicted of reckless driving or even drunk driving doesn't mean that they pose a threat to Americans enough to be deported. 

On Saturday, Ismael Huazo Jardinez spent the night drinking. He got behind the wheel of his truck and drove it off the road. The truck barreled into a mobile home park and crashed into one of the homes.

This illegal alien criminal killed three people who were asleep in their home: Jose Alberto Pacheco, his wife Ana Pacheco, and their ten year old son Angel. Their 11-year-old daughter, Ana, survived the crash, but is currently in serious condition at the hospital.

This illegal alien never should have been in this country. He should have been arrested and deported again. California released him and now three people are dead and a young girl, if she survives, is an orphan.

When ICE learned about the killings, they dispatched agents to arrest Jardinez on Federal charges… but California just released him from jail again!

Join this fight! Tell Congress right now that they MUST completely defund and ban sanctuary cities, or else!

11-year-old Ana is still fighting for her life, but Ismael Jardinez is already back on the street. He was released on bail. 

We'll never hear from him again. If he hasn't already fled to Mexico, he's disappeared into American society under a different alias.

But here is the truly disgusting part. In California, vehicular manslaughter under the influence is what is called a "wobble crime." That means that prosecutors have discretion to decide whether to charge the crime as a misdemeanor or a homicide.

That means that if Jardinez goes to trial and pleads down to just two misdemeanors instead of three, he would still be eligible for citizenship under the Democrats' new amnesty bill. Any illegal alien convicted of less than three misdemeanors would qualify for amnesty and a pathway to citizenship under Pelosi's.

So, either this illegal alien criminal will disappear and never face justice for his crimes, or he will show up to trial and fight to lower the charges so that he can keep his pathway to citizenship…

It is shameful.

California's sanctuary city policies killed this family. Ana Pacheco is an orphan because California cares more about resisting Trump than keeping Americans safe. And the system is so broken that even if this illegal alien repeat offender is convicted, he still could be eligible for citizenship under the Democrats' amnesty bill.

President Trump is just days away from releasing his immigration compromise bill. He is demanding that Congress shutdown sanctuary cities protecting these illegal alien criminals. However, Democrats and Republicans, in both the House and Senate, are blocking this from being added to the immigration "compromise" plan.

They are stabbing you in the back!

Please, Tell Congress right now that they MUST completely defund and ban sanctuary cities, or else!

The plan to shutdown these sanctuary cities is remarkably simple. H.R.516, the Ending Sanctuary Cities Act, would cut off all Federal financial assistance to any town, city, county, or state that prohibits law enforcement from telling Federal officials about illegal alien arrests, blocks ICE from arresting illegal alien criminals, or passes any law that violates Federal immigration laws.

Last year's bill targeted Federal law enforcement grants. This new bill would target ALL Federal funding going into sanctuary cities and states. Every. Single. Cent.

Republicans have been promising to pass this bill for years. And now that it's actually time to fight for it to make sure that it passes, they're running scared.

Republicans are abandoning you.

It is time to rise up. The future of this country will be decided this week. You MUST hold Congress' feet to the fire and force them to crack down on sanctuary cities.

Pull the plug on Sanctuary Cities now! Send your instantly delivered message to Congress here and FORCE them to pass H.R.516, no matter what it takes!

No sanctuary for illegal aliens… Ever!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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