Last year, we caught a handful of Republicans trying to sneak an open-border amendment into the spending package. Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS) was pushing an amendment through committee that would have granted asylum rights to any illegal alien or migrant who claimed to be the victim of domestic violence or gang violence.

The amendment made it through the subcommittee on a voice vote, meaning that the yeas and nays weren’t recorded. Republicans didn’t want voters to know they were stabbing them in the back. It would have passed through the committee as well if it hadn’t been for Conservatives like you.

Under the proposal, anyone would be able to show up to the border, say their spouse hit them or they had gang violence in their old neighborhood, and the Border Patrol would be required to let them all in. Applicants wouldn’t be required to show proof.

We mobilized hundreds of thousands of Conservatives from around the country and blocked this amendment from making it through. If it had, there’s no telling the damage this country would have suffered. We are already being overrun by illegal aliens committing asylum fraud. This one bill would have destroyed the country. After he was caught betraying Conservatives, Rep. Yoder was removed from office.

Well, surprising no one, Democrats are now resurrecting this suicidal plan. They want to sneak the bill through and offer asylum to practically everyone on earth. And the GOP is stepping aside to let it happen…

Stop the open border surrender! Please, you MUST send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and threaten to remove any Senator or Congressman dares push this border surrender plan through!

Don’t get me wrong. Domestic violence is despicable. It is hard to name anything more dishonorable and disgusting than domestic abuse. But that doesn’t mean someone should have the right to live in the United States of America because of it.

The World Health Organization estimates that 35 percent of women worldwide have, at some point, suffered from domestic abuse. Not even counting male victims, that means that 1.24 billion women would, if this bill passes, instantly have a legal claim to live in the United States. Add in all of the people from around the world who live in cities with gang violence and the number becomes astronomically large.

But that is just people who would have legitimate claims. The Left’s plan wouldn’t require that an applicant prove their victimhood. Anyone could simply claim that their spouse hurt them, or that a gang wants to kill them, and we would be forced to let them right in…

Border Patrol is already seeing illegal aliens showing up to border checkpoints holding scripts. They know exactly what to say in order to lie their way into the United States. If this bill passes, it’s game over. There would be no way to stop illegal immigration.

This was originally a Republican plan. The GOP wanted to push this through last year without Conservatives catching their betrayal. They failed and a number of Republicans, including Kevin Yoder, lost their seats because of it. They were caught trying to push through the biggest open border bill ever and they paid the price for it.

But now that Democrats are going to resurrect this plan, the GOP is preparing to do something even more sinister: they are going to let it pass. This has been an establishment strategy for years. They know they can’t vote for these horrible bills, so they simply step aside and let the Democrats pass them instead. That is how Paul Ryan and John Boehner were able to push through liberal spending bills. The GOP refused to vote for these leftist bills, but they also refused to block them from going through…

This way, the GOP can please their corporate donors by opening the borders without having to sign their names to the bill and angering voters. There’s only one problem with their plan: you know exactly what is happening.

Are you going to let the Republican Establishment get away with this?

Or will you stand up right now and fight back before it’s too late?!

Stop the open border surrender! Please, you MUST send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and threaten to remove any Senator or Congressman dares push this border surrender plan through!

If you won’t fight back, who will?


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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