Over the Easter recess, Democrats were working behind the scenes to try to push their illegal alien amnesty bill — the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019 — across the finish line.

The bill has been stalled in recent weeks because Democrats cannot agree how many illegal aliens to give amnesty and a pathway to citizenship.

The bill, as it stands, would make 2.1 million illegal aliens eligible for a pathway to citizenship. By comparison, Barack Obama's DACA program only gave amnesty to 800,000 people.

The only reason the Left hasn't pushed this bill through yet is because Democrats are demanding the number be increased beyond two million.

How much more? We have no idea because the Democrat plan now being floated would be uncapped!

Radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are trying to pressure the Democrat leadership to make their Dream Act 'open ended,' meaning that not only would it grant amnesty and citizenship to illegal aliens in the country right now, but it would remain in effect for years to come.

And you wonder why illegal aliens are rushing the border right now…

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Amazingly, we are seeing the GOP starting to cave. They are putting their foot down to limitless amnesty and demanding that Democrats return to the proposal in the 1-3 million people range.

Two years ago, Congressional Republicans were suing to end Obama's DACA amnesty. Today, they are asking the Left to "compromise" by only giving citizenship to a few million illegal aliens. That is how far this party has fallen…

The GOP is scheduling a vote on an immigration package that would supposedly end the crisis at the southern border. Border Patrol in the Rio Grande sector just reported that they have already apprehended more illegal aliens in just the first four months of the year than they did in all of 2018. Let that sink in. The busiest border sector has apprehended 164,000 illegal aliens so far this year. Their total for last year was 162,262.

But like always, there's a catch to the GOP's promises: in order to block more illegal aliens from entering the country, they are agreeing to legalize all of the illegals already here.

On its own, that is ludicrous. The Democrats' argument has always been that illegal alien "dreamers" came to this country "by no fault of their own." That argument has always been so weak. If a parent sneaks their kid into Disney World, the child doesn't get to stay and ride all the rides…

But by demanding blanket amnesty for all illegal aliens, the Left is abandoning their argument. Not only would the "children" get to stay — and remember, these "kids" are now in their 20s and 30s — but the supposedly at-fault parents would get amnesty too.

And the way it is written, the bill would still even leave the door open for future illegal aliens to qualify for full citizenship. All they would have to do is claim that they were in the United States prior to the bill passing…

This is mess and the Republicans don't have the backbone to hold the line. The Establishments of both parties caused this border crisis. They left the asylum loopholes in tact for decades. Now that millions of illegal aliens have exploited them — literally violating Federal law — the GOP is agreeing to absolve them. The only question the Republicans have is how many illegal aliens to put on the voter rolls…

This is not a drill. The cave is coming this week!

 Stop the GOP's amnesty surrender before it's too late! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Pelosi's American Dream and Promise Act!

Everything with the GOP has to be a compromise now. Instead of holding their ground, Republicans are desperate to find "common ground" with the Left.

They truly think that is how they will be re-elected. Make no mistake, this is a calculus. Moderate Republicans believe that their best shot at re-election is to join the Democrats and give amnesty and citizenship to millions of illegals.

You have to prove them wrong and make them fear YOU!

Stop the GOP's amnesty surrender before it's too late! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Pelosi's American Dream and Promise Act!

No amnesty, no surrender,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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