Most of the media has been focused on the border crisis and the Mueller Report over these last two weeks. But Congress is working on something far more sinister behind closed doors: a new gun control package.

It all started when Sen. Lindsey Graham held a gun confiscation hearing immediately after the Mueller investigation ended. The media flocked to cover the Russia witch hunt while this hearing about confiscating Americans' guns was relegated to coverage on CSPAN 3…

The gun control movement saw that they can get away with pushing gun control as long as the media and the American people are focusing on other topics.

Graham's hearing was to discuss Senate Bill 7, the Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act. Sponsored by Marco Rubio and Susan Collins, this was the GOP's gun control package. It would allow police to confiscate Americans' guns without even needing to charge them with a crime…

However, Graham says there is something wrong with this confiscation bill. It is apparently too Conservative. He wants a gun confiscation bill that can get bipartisan support. So, he is teaming up with Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) (both shown above) to craft a "compromise" gun control bill.

Democrats are already demanding that the GOP cave on major issues like a semi-automatic weapon ban or universal gun registration. Led by Blumenthal and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the left is demanding these concessions, otherwise they won't pass Graham's bill.

Do you trust the GOP to fight back against this? I know I don't…

Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is promising to force the GOP to pass a bill forcing gun owners to turn in their semi-automatic firearms, or else face prison time. This is actually a step backwards for him because a few months ago, he was threatening nuclear war against American gun owners if they didn't disarm… That's not even a joke, he actually said that.

Dianne Feinstein tried to impose a nationwide gun confiscation when the first assault weapon ban passed in 1994, but said she couldn't get the votes back then. Now, she's licking her lips… The new version of the bill would ban any semi-automatic rifle or shotgun that has a grip you can hold in your hand. Literally any semi-automatic long gun that you can hold would be banned.

The left doesn't believe that the 2nd Amendment protects a right to self defense. But if it does, they say, semi-automatic weapons like an AR-15 or AK-47 don't have any self-defense purposes. Again, they are lying to Americans. 

Earlier this year, a 20-year-old Houston man was relaxing at home when five armed robbers stormed into his home and held him at gunpoint. The young man told them he was going to give them all of his valuables. But when he reached under his couch, he pulled out a semi-automatic AK-47 rifle and began firing at the criminals. Of the five, he was able to kill three and injure two.

He'd be dead today if he didn't have that rifle. But that is exactly the reality that Democrats want to create. Make no mistake, their gun control package wouldn't do anything to stop criminals from arming themselves. By design, Feinstein's bill only applies to law-abiding citizens…

This is what the Left is demanding. The only question is how much is Lindsey Graham willing to compromise? He's already pushing a bill that would allow gun confiscations without due process. Last week, we saw 30+ House Republicans vote for a bill that allows the government to permanently suspend someone's gun rights for committing a non-violent misdemeanor. Are you really going to trust that the GOP won't cave on this too?

We already know that Graham is compromising on the 2nd Amendment. But this isn't truly a compromise. Gun owners aren't getting anything in return for this gun control package. Instead, the GOP is agreeing to vote for gun control in exchange for Democrats supporting… gun control.

The "compromise" is that instead of banning and confiscating all guns, the GOP is only going to let the Democrats have some of them…

The Mueller report is set to be released to the public tomorrow. If the gun grabbers are going to make a move, it is going to be this week while the media is focusing on the report. 

The GOP knows that the only way they can get away with this is if they catch you flat-footed. They are trying to catch you off guard so you can't stop them.
But now that you know, you must fight back.

No surrender,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily



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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.