Over the weekend, Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) announced that he is sending EIGHT criminal referrals to the Department of Justice against Obama-era Deep State criminals!

For months we have been pressuring Congress to hold these criminals accountable. Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell were content with letting them get away with all of their crimes.

That pressure campaign is working. This week, Nunes will submit his criminal referral to the DOJ citing 8 specific crimes, including conspiracy, lying to Congress, lying to the FISA court to launch the witch hunt, and illegally leaking classified information to promote the Democrats' collusion conspiracy theories.

The GOP establishment tried to bury this. Nancy Pelosi tried to bury this when she took over the House. Congress had this evidence of crimes for over two years and nothing ever happened. Now, one Conservative Congressman is taking the lead and demanding that the Department of Justice prosecute these traitors.

But already, we are seeing the Republican leadership trying to stop him. They want to block him from submitting the criminal charges and just sweep all of this under the rug!

Lock them all up! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to prosecute and arrest all of these Deep State and Obama criminals before it's too late!

Nunes says that the criminal referrals are classified, so he cannot name names. But we do know that these eight referrals ensnare two dozen Deep Staters. And given his previous comments, it is pretty clear that this likely includes a criminal referral for James Comey himself.

Robert Mueller ended his investigation without charging ANYONE connected to Trump with colluding with the Russians. In fact, not a single American was alleged to have collaborated with the Russians.

The whole narrative was a lie from the start. In order to launch an investigation, the government needs to provide at least some proof that a suspect broke the law. Under normal circumstances, they present this evidence to a judge or grand jury to receive a warrant or indictment. But that isn't what the DOJ did in this case. They used the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court to get a secret And yet, Obama administration officials illegally authorized the spying effort anyway. They lied to a FISA Court to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

All of this is criminal. The Obama administration hated Donald Trump so much that they weaponized the entire Federal intelligence apparatus in order to take him out.

They swung and they missed. Robert Mueller didn't only refuse to prosecute the President or his allies for "collusion," but his report admits that there was never evidence of collusion. The entire investigation was a sham.

But we learned just last week that the Deep State's coup d'etat against Donald Trump was much larger than anyone previously thought. Not only was Barack Obama personally briefed before the Trump-Russia investigation began, but he signed off on it and received reports in his daily briefing on the witch hunt's progress.

This conspiracy went all the way to the top of the Obama White House. The GOP has known for at least two years and deliberately tried to cover it up.

President Trump is fighting back. He gave the Republicans in Congress the green light to go after these criminals and now one Conservative Congressman is stepping up. But the GOP leadership is trying to stop him!

Lock them all up! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to prosecute and arrest all of these Deep State and Obama criminals before it's too late!

There has been a concerted effort within the Republican establishment to take down President Trump from the minute he took the oath of office. They jumped on board the Russian collusion conspiracy and allowed the Left and the Deep State to try to remove a sitting President.

They sat and watched as the Left and media branded Trump a traitor. They sat back and allowed the Deep State to leak to stoke the fires. 

But their coup failed. Mueller indicted a handful of people on process crimes, but not one indictment claimed a conspiracy to help the Russians meddle in the election. The only conspiracy crimes were committed by the Democrats and their Deep State allies.

This was treason. This was sedition. And they must be held responsible for their crimes.

Devin Nunes is making his move and submitting criminal referrals to the DOJ. But he cannot do this alone. The establishments of both parties are doing everything they can to cover up the Deep State's crimes. He needs your help to lock them all up!

Lock them all up! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to prosecute and arrest all of these Deep State and Obama criminals before it's too late!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.

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