President Trump will visit the US-Mexico border today. He is scheduled to visit the new border fence at the border in California, highlighting how his administration's border wall construction and upgrades are keeping the American people safe.

Earlier in the week, President Trump issued his biggest threat yet: if Mexico didn't crack down and intervene to stop these tens of thousands of illegal aliens from crossing into the US every week, Trump would shut down the entire southern border. 

The threat worked. In just the last two days, Mexican immigration agents have arrested almost 3,000 illegals en route to the United States. Migrants trying to enter Mexico to travel to the US are being turned around and deported.

Amazingly, Trump is having the rug pulled out from under him… by his own party. Mitch McConnell ordered the President to stand down and promised to team up with Democrats if Trump ever tried to shut the border. Even Conservatives like Ted Cruz are promising to fight back if Trump tries to close the border.

Here, President Trump was threatening Mexico to force them to take action to stop illegal aliens from streaming into our country. It was working. Republicans, however, just announced to the Mexican government not to worry because they would never allow the President to close the border like that. It is just so pathetic…

President Trump is at the border today not only to highlight the border wall's effectiveness, but also to demand that Congress pass legislation to end the crisis at our southern border. Trump is doing everything he can to put pressure on Congress, but he needs your help!

We are being invaded! Quick, send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass this bill and stop the invasion at our southern border!

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is leading the charge to fix our broken immigration laws that have caused this crisis. And without a doubt, there is a crisis at the southern border. 

His fix would do four things: (1) treat Central American illegal aliens the same as Mexican nationals, (2) remove get-out-of-jail protections for "family units" and UACs, (3) lift the hard cap on ICE/Border Patrol detention funding to end catch-and-release, and (4) close loopholes in our asylum laws that illegal aliens are abusing.

The first part is common sense. Under Federal law, if Border Patrol catches a Mexican illegal alien, they can immediately begin deportation proceedings. However, if a illegal alien claims to be from literally any other country, then they get to stay until they get a hearing. Again, they only have to "claim" to be from a different country. If they do, Border Patrol is not allowed to immediately deport them.

Next, we must get rid of the laws that give extra protections to "family units" and "unaccompanied children" (UACs). We are a generous nation. When children show up at the border without anyone taking care of them, we have always taken them in. The problem is that the world now knows that if a child shows up to a border — either unaccompanied or with one of their parents — Federal law does not let us turn them away. The result is that human and drug smugglers are now using children as human shields. The cartels are literally abducting children so smugglers can pretend to be their parents. When they get passed the border, they just dump the children on US soil and abandon them. The majority of illegal border crossers are now UACs and family units. The Trump administration isn't allowed to deport children and family units. That must change.

Third, Congress must lift the hard cap on ICE and Border Patrol detention funding. In just the last 12 days, Border Patrol has been forced to release 12,000 illegal aliens because Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats snuck a provision into the last spending bill limiting how many beds can be put in detention centers. The result is that Border Patrol has become just a speed bump. Illegal aliens are apprehended and arrested, and then immediately released because the administration isn't legally allowed to detain them anymore. These illegal aliens never show up to their deportation hearings and just disappear into American society.

But lastly, we must change our asylum laws to crack down on rampant fraud. We are a generous country. When people flee despotism, war, or natural disasters, we welcome them in. In the 1970s, Nicaragua's dictator Anastasio Samoza would kidnap political dissidents, torture them, and then dump their bodies into active volcanos to "disappear" them. Decades ago in El Salvador, government-run death squads would massacre entire villages to tighten their grip on power. That was the context in which our asylum laws were written. When a Nicaraguan man showed up at the US border and claimed that he was running from the dictatorship, we knew that if we didn't let him in, he could get thrown in a volcano… But that's not the reality today. For as broken as Central American countries are, there aren't government-run assassination squads roaming the streets and political dissidents aren't being tossed from helicopters into active volcanoes. And yet, hundreds of thousands of migrants are trying to use these same laws to enter the US, claiming they 'fear for their life' in their home countries. It is a fraud.

If Congress passes these four reforms, then the crisis at the border would end. President Trump is putting maximum pressure to force Congress to act. Sen. Johnson is pushing the legislation itself. But they need YOU to help finish this!

You must send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to help President Trump end this illegal alien invasion!

Last month, the Department of Homeland Security warned that if Congress doesn't act, over a million illegal aliens will enter the US this year and hundreds of thousands will have to be released from jail into American society. Based on the most recent numbers, that number is now creeping towards 1.5 million.

We are being invaded.

The name Mirian Zelaya Gomez probably doesn't ring a bell. She is known on the internet as the "bean lady." She was in the illegal alien caravan late last year. She became famous when she complained about the food she was being given while waiting for her "asylum claim" to be heard. She broke the law and got into the United States. Now, she is in jail. She savagely beat a woman who had graciously opened her door and allowed Gomez to live with her. She is being accused of assault with a deadly weapon.

For far too long, Americans have been sacrificed at the altar to open borders. Democrats and Republicans turned their back on us to keep the borders open.

President Trump has vowed to protect this country. He is building the wall. He declared a national emergency to reprogram funding to move forward with construction.

But Congress is fighting him every step of the way. The GOP defied the President and voted with Democrats to try to override the border security. And even Conservatives are now threatening to vote with Democrats if Trump tries to shut down the border.

These people are forgetting who they serve. They serve you, they listen to you, and yes, they fear YOU!

Fight back! Please, send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to help President Trump end this illegal alien invasion!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.