Our Border Patrol agents are being overrun. Thousands of illegal aliens are captured every day, but thanks to the horrible spending package that Congress passed earlier this year, Border Patrol agents aren't allowed to detain all of them.

If illegal aliens rush the border all at once, then Border Patrol and ICE have to let them go because there aren't enough beds in  detention facilities to hold them.

Congress did this. The GOP negotiated this horrible arrangement with Democrats. President Trump, over the weekend, threatened to close the entire southern border if (1) Mexico didn't start cracking down on illegal border crossings and (2) if Congress didn't increase Border Patrol and ICE's detention funding.

Mexico immediately responded by cracking down on a caravan and deporting illegal aliens bound for the United States. Trump's threat worked.

However Congress pushed back against President Trump. Not Democrats, mind you… it was Republicans that just ordered Trump to keep the border open!

Don't let Republicans block Trump! Tell Congress right now that you will REMOVE any Republican or Democrat who votes to block Trump from closing the border!

Mitch McConnell personally called the President and told him there would be hell to pay if he closed the border. Old Mitch doesn't care that agents are being overrun. He doesn't care that we have no idea who these people are. 

McConnell told the President that if he dared close the border, he would team up with Pelosi to stop it.

The GOP never cared about securing the border. They spent 2+ years blocking President Trump because the corporate and industry donors and their lobbyists demanded it. Congressional Republicans actually ordered Trump to keep the border wide open to make sure that avocado imports weren't cut off. Guacamole is apparently more important to the GOP than keeping the country safe…

The Republican Leadership took a victory lap yesterday celebrating that they got Trump to back down. But they popped the champagne to soon. This morning on Twitter, Trump shot back.

"Congress must get together and immediately eliminate the loopholes at the border! If no action, border, or large sections of border, will close. This is a national emergency!"

And just like that, we're back. DHS officials today are meeting to discuss policy changes that would keep imports/exports open while closing the border to illegal aliens. They are working to redirect resources to bring more agents to the border and use military bases as detention facilities so they don't have to just release every illegal alien they catch.

Just recognize how ridiculous that is. The President has need to sign an order to stop illegal aliens from crossing the border and getting released into the country. Congress passed a spending package that doesn't allow Border Patrol or ICE to do their job anymore. There are simply too many illegals streaming across.

Again, McConnell and the GOP are pushing back. They're ordering Trump to stand down. But they're also refusing to push any legislation through to fix this. Mitch McConnell and the Establishment are ordering the President to keep the status quo.

Just yesterday, news broke that police in New Jersey have arrested a man for killing a nanny who disappeared while out for a jog. No surprise, he is a twice-deported illegal alien from Honduras. Americans are dying because of our open borders and the GOP says we just need to accept it.


Hold these GOP cowards accountable! Tell Congress right now that you will REMOVE any Republican or Democrat who votes to block Trump from closing the border!

Why is the GOP doing this? Why are they working with Democrats to keep the borders wide open? 

The short answer is that they're doing it to protect their donors.

But the truth is that the bulk of the Republican Party really is made up of cowards. Congress has betrayed the American people by refusing to fix the problem and now that we finally have a President willing to do anything to protect us, they want to stop him!

They cannot get away with this. You cannot let these GOPers get away with this!

Don't let the GOP do this! Please, you must tell Congress right now that you will REMOVE any Republican or Democrat who votes to block Trump from closing the border!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily



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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.

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