Breaking News: A new “compromise” gun confiscation bill sponsored by Marco Rubio and Susan Collins is being fast-tracked in the United States Senate!

This week, the House of Representatives finally sent its passed radical gun control package to the Senate for consideration.

The legislative package includes a background check bill that criminalizes private transfers and requires government registration of firearms for the law to function. It also included a bill that would give the FBI the ability to block gun sales indefinitely and confiscate firearms from millions of law-abiding Americans.

Even before House Democrats , he declared that it was dead on arrival.

But you shouldn’t celebrate quite yet. Senate Republicans are refusing to vote on the Left’s gun control package because they have their own gun control bill that they want to vote on.

That’s right: instead of standing firm on the supremacy of the 2nd Amendment, Republicans believe that they have a “compromise” gun confiscation bill…

Stop the GOP from surrendering on gun control! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Marco Rubio’s Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act before it’s too late!

Whenever you hear a politician use the words “compromise” and “gun control” in the same sentence, run for the hills.

There is no such thing. A compromise is supposed to be a scenario where both sides give up something in order to get part of what they want. For example, a real compromise would be to trade universal background checks for nationwide concealed carry reciprocity. If Congress was to shore up the background check system, then it only makes sense to let the people who pass those background checks carry firearms in all 50 states. 

But gun grabbers refuse to even entertain that idea. There is never anything in these gun control bills that is good for gun owners. Every proposal simply takes another step towards the left’s ultimate goal of gun bans and confiscation. The GOP’s new “compromise” proposal is no different.

It is called an Extreme Risk Protection Order, also sometimes known as a “Red Flag” law.

Right now, in order for the government to suspend your 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, they have to prove in a court that you can’t be trusted with owning firearms. The law allows for half a dozen justifications for disarmament, including if someone renounces their citizenship or is found to be in the country illegally. But the two most used provisions are when someone is convicted of a felony or violent misdemeanor or adjudicated mentally defective.

Prosecutors must stand before a judge and prove that a gun owner is either a criminal, mentally ill, or meets one of the other disqualifiers in the law. And the accused gun owner is given a chance to defend himself against the accusations.

This is how the Constitution requires our justice system to operate. When the government accuses someone of a crime, they must get a chance to defend against the charges. But the Red Flag bill now being pushed by Establishment Republicans would turn that entire principle upside down.

Instead of having to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that someone is a criminal or mentally defective, Red Flag bills allow for gun confiscations based simply on hearsay (testimony presented by family members, friends, or neighbors). Basically, if someone you know is angry at you and wants to get your guns taken away, they would have that power.

And instead of you getting to defend yourself, this “evidence” would be presented to a judge in an ex parte hearing, meaning a court hearing you aren’t allowed to attend. If a judge decides you’re dangerous, he would then be able to suspend your 2nd Amendment rights for 6-12 months. Remember, this all happens without police even charging you with a crime…

Only after your guns are taken away are you allowed to fight to get your rights back. But the burden of proof is completely shifted. Instead of the government having to prove you’re dangerous, this new Red Flag bill would require YOU to prove why you deserve to get your rights back!

In other words, gun owners become guilty until proven innocent…

This isn’t a Democrat bill… it is being pushed right now by Republicans!

Stop this gun control ‘compromise’ before it’s too late! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Marco Rubio’s Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act!

Republicans have designated this bill as Senate Bill No. 7. Any legislation that is given a single-digit bill number is considered by the majority party to be a priority. That is a decision that Mitch McConnell himself makes.

It is being sponsored by GOP Senators Susan Collins (ME) and Marco Rubio (FL). Democrats are agreeing to vote for it as long as Lindsey Graham (SC) fast-tracks it through committee.

Like every backstabbing bill the GOP tries to sneak through, they are counting on you not paying attention. They are hoping they can put it on Trump’s desk before you realize and have a chance to fight back.

There is no upside to this. This legislation completely flips the basic premise of innocent until proven guilty upside-down. It gives the government far too much power to suspend citizens’ God-given 2nd Amendment rights, not to mention the power it gives to spiteful family members and disgruntled neighbors.

The fact of the matter is if the government can just suspend your rights without even accusing you of doing something wrong, then it isn’t really a right, is it? At that point, it becomes a privilege.

The government will abuse this power. When Florida passed a similar law, police promised they would use this disarmament power as a last resort. That state is averaging hundreds of Red Flag orders a month now.

In Maryland, a 61-year-old man was shot dead in his own home after he refused to surrender his guns without being told what crime he had committed.

If you don’t fight back against this clearly unconstitutional gun confiscation bill, soon there will be nothing left to fight for…

Don’t let the GOP get away with this! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Marco Rubio’s Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act before it’s too late!

Don’t let them do this,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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