Just In: Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are scheduling a vote on their two worst gun control bills — H.R.8 and H.R.1112 — for this week!

First, I want to start with a little bit of good news. The Republicans’ red flag gun confiscation bill is being delayed. It will not get a vote this coming week, though Establishment Republicans are hopeful they can convince Nancy Pelosi to take it up at a later date. When we have more of an update on that, we will let you know.

But the pressing issue at hand is what Democrats and GOP traitors plan to do this week: vote on not one, but two massive gun control bills!

The first is what they are calling the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 (H.R.8). Like so many of the left’s background check bills from the past, this would require that ALL firearm transfers and purchases go through the FBI’s background check system.

If this bill passes, the FBI would suddenly gain access to a massive database of all gun transfers in this country. Currently, the FBI only keeps track of gun sales at licensed gun dealers. This new legislation would all them to record private sales and transfers as well.

Ask yourself this: why would the Federal government possibly want to create a registry of all American gun owners? If world history teaches us anything, it is to set the stage for nationwide confiscations. That has always been the pattern.

But Democrats aren’t just content with monitoring all American gun owners. After they pass H.R.8, they are going to rush through H.R.1112 and give the FBI the power to block lawful gun purchases all together!

You must fight back against this tyranny! Please, send your instant FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress kill both H.R.8 and H.R.1112 before it’s too late!

Their second bill is called the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019 (H.R.1112). Right now, the law protects you if you want to buy a gun. When you submit yourself to a background check, the FBI has just three calendar days to determine whether you are law-abiding or not. If the FBI can’t figure it out within three days, then you’re free to take your new gun home.

This wasn’t a loophole… it was a compromise. When the Brady Bill passed in 1994, Democrats wanted to give the FBI unlimited time to perform “instant” background checks. Remember, back then criminal and mental health records had to be faxed and mailed.

Republicans fought back. If there was no time limit for the background checks, then there would be nothing stopping the FBI from simply blocking all gun purchases by refusing to finish the checks. Democrats needed moderate Republicans to pass their bill. They didn’t have the votes on their own. So, they limited the FBI NICS process to just three days.

Yesterday’s “compromise” is today’s “loophole.” H.R.1112 eliminates the three-day window and blocks gun owners from taking their guns home if the FBI can’t get its act together.

Instead, the FBI would have 10 business days to check someone’s history. At the end of that, purchasers would have the right to appeal if they hadn’t heard back yet. That appeal would last at least 10 more business days.

Here’s the problem. The initial background check is only good for a month. So if the FBI takes at least 20 business days to complete a background check, the initial paperwork would have already expired! In other words, this bill would give the Federal government the power to indefinitely block millions of gun purchases — both private and through licensed gun dealers — every year!

So not only does the Left want to force a background check on every single gun transfer or sale in this country, but they simultaneously want to give the Federal government the power to indefinitely block any gun sale they want…

This is tyranny and Republicans are lining up to vote for it!

You must fight back against this tyranny! Please, send your instant FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress kill both H.R.8 and H.R.1112 before it’s too late!

There is also one other component in H.R.1112 that is incredibly dangerous. The legislation would change how the FBI defines a “prohibited person.” While there are a few different ways for someone to lose their gun rights, the most common are to be charged or convicted of a felony/violent misdemeanor or to be “adjudicated as a mental defective.”

In order to be “adjudicated as a mental defective,” someone must be involuntarily admitted to a mental institution, determined by a court to pose a threat to themselves or others, or deemed incapable of managing their own affairs. It’s a high standard to meet, and that is on purpose. If the government can easily suspend someone’s rights, then they aren’t rights at all…

This bill would change that definition. Instead of requiring someone be adjudicated as mentally defective, the new law would allow for guns to be confiscated from anyone who is “adjudicated with mental illness, severe developmental disability, or severe emotional instability.”

Instead of a court having to prove you’re defective, they would be able to confiscate your guns simply by proving you have a mental illness, or some other emotional or developmental disability. Of course, the legislation does not define these new terms. Democrats want to leave it up to judges to decide… If this bill passes, it would allow the Federal government to immediately begin confiscating guns from millions more Americans — including military veterans.

These two bills — H.R.8 and H.R.1112 — are a one-two punch to the heart of the 2nd Amendment. Not only would the Federal government be able to keep track of who owns what guns, but the FBI would also be allowed to block gun sales for no reason and confiscate guns from millions more Americans.

If this package passes, the right to keep and bear arms would disappear and become a “privilege” instead.

Ronald Reagan famously said that our freedoms are never more than a generation away from extinction. He was absolutely right. Democrats failed to push these radical and unconstitutional bills through back in 1994. Now they’re back a generation later, trying to finish the job!

You don’t get a second chance at this… Please, send your instant FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress kill both H.R.8 and H.R.1112 before it’s too late!

Don’t let these bills pass,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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