Breaking News: Lindsey Graham and other GOP leaders are meeting with the President today to urge him to give up the shutdown fight to secure the border.

Fellow Conservative,

President Trump has made his position clear. He is willing to defer deportations for certain illegal aliens that were registered with the Obama administration, but he is refusing to sign any bill that includes "amnesty."

Amnesty means absolving the crimes that illegal aliens have committed, not only their illegal border crossing itself, but the countless other crimes — identity theft, tax fraud, social security fraud, failing to register for selective service, etc — that illegal aliens commit in order to live in the United States illegally.

Amnesty would protect illegal aliens from ever being held accountable for their actions. It would make them eligible for Green Cards and, after a few years, eligible for citizenship.

President Trump is begging the GOP to hold firm and not give in to the Left's demands. But already, we are seeing the Republicans' resolve start to falter.

Stop these Spineless Republicans from caving! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this 'pathway to citizenship' plan before it's too late!

President Trump offered deportation protection for 700k illegal alien "dreamers." Democrats are now demanding protections for more than 3 million illegal aliens.

Trump offered to simply defer deportations for three years. Democrats are demanding full amnesty and a pathway to citizenship. Just so we're clear, if Democrats get their way, the first illegal aliens would be able to LEGALLY vote by the 2024 Presidential election.

But it isn't just the "dreamers" anymore. Dianne Feinstein is pushing for the GOP to accept what she is calling a "Blue Card" bill. It would put millions of illegal alien agricultural workers on a pathway to citizenship as long as they can prove that they illegally worked on an American farm for at least 100 days over the past two years.

And on the issue of the wall, Leftists convinced the GOP leadership to slip in an amendment prohibiting President Trump from ever building his border wall prototypes. This was a strategy that Paul Ryan used to block the wall. Remember when President Trump toured the border wall prototypes? This new "compromise" bill explicitly bans the government from using those designs.

This is what the Democrats are pushing. The only reason this hasn't passed yet is because the Congressional Republicans have been holding their ground. That is starting to end.

Republicans are now urging the President to end the shutdown without any border funding and hope that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will negotiate over an immigration package later.

In other words, the GOP's new plan is just to give up!

We know that the Democrats want. They want full amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens already here and an open border to allow millions more illegals into the country.

The House and now the Senate are scheduled to vote on a bill that would give them just that!

Stop these Spineless Republicans from caving! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this 'pathway to citizenship' plan before it's too late!

This is the fight of our time. The very future of this country hangs in the balance and will be decided by what happens in the next 24 hours.

The Democrats have released their terms. Not only are they demanding amnesty, but their legislation includes a pathway to citizenship that would allow illegal aliens to start voting in the 2024 election.

This is unacceptable. But instead of holding the line, the GOP is demanding that President Trump compromise even more. Lindsey Graham just scheduled an emergency meeting with the President to urge him to end the shutdown and give up on expecting Congress to pass border wall funding.

Everything is falling apart right before our eyes.

When my son grows up, I pray that he will live in a country with secure borders. Where he won't have to worry about the scourge of illegal alien crime and cross-border drug trafficking. 

That future — the one we dream of for our children and grand-children — all hinges on what happens over the next 24 hours.

Will you rise to the occasion and FORCE Congress to kill these amnesty bills? Or will you sit back and let the GOP surrender again?

Please, whatever you do, fight back before it's too late! Send your instant and urge nt FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this 'pathway to citizenship' plan before it's too late!

Now is the time to fight,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.