GOPers were just caught negotiating with Democrats to once again block the border wall!

Late last night, about a third of the Federal government shutdown. Despite President Trump's demands for two years, a Republican-controlled House of Representatives and a Republican-controlled Senate could not agree on a way to fund the border wall.

Legislation approving a border wall received wide bipartisan support in both 2006 and 2013, with practically every high-profile Democrat supporting it then. But now that Trump is the one championing border security, Democrats want nothing to do with it.

This past week, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan had agreed on a plan to keep the government funded without authorizing Trump's border wall. Their plan would have kicked the can down the road until February and forced President Trump to negotiate with the Left in order to get his funding.

The GOP thought that their backstabbing had worked. Outgoing Republicans celebrated and Mitch McConnell started sending people home to celebrate Christmas with their families.

Then Trump got involved. He called the Republican leadership into th Oval Office and gave them a tongue lashing. How dare they try to skip town without approving border security?

For two years, Paul Ryan had refused to put a clean border wall bill up for a vote. Trump forced his hand and, what do you know, it passed.

But when the bill reached the Senate, Mitch McConnell refused to push it through. He had the power to pass the funding with a simple 51-vote majority, but he chose to preserve the Senate's rules over securing the border.

And now, one day into the shutdown, the GOP is already starting to backtrack…

Don't let the Republicans surrender! Send your instant demand letter to Congress and FORCE them to fully approve the President's border wall funding before it's too late!

Chuck Schumer stood on the Senate floor last night and declared that Democrats would never vote to secure the border. What did the GOP do? They began offering amendments to water down the House's bill to stop the wall from getting built. 

All Schumer had to do was refuse to vote for a bill and the Republicans scrambled to "compromise" in order to get something passed.

Republicans just want to call it quits…

Not only does the GOP want to block the 5.7 billion in Border Funding that Trump forced the House to pass, but the "compromise" legislation being put together in the Senate cuts the 1.6 billion in border security funding that Democrats had agreed to months ago!

These Republicans are such cowards.

The Senate didn't even hold a recorded vote when they tried to push their surrender bill through a few days ago. They tried to block the President's bill by a "voice vote" so the American people wouldn't even know which GOP traitors had stabbed them in the back.

It was your activism that forced Conservatives and the President to fight for the border wall. But the fight isn't over!

You must hold Congress' feet to the fire and FORCE them to hold the line! Send your instant demand letter to Congress right now and force them to pass full border wall funding… or else!

Don't let the GOP cave!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.