Breaking: A radical liberal judge just used United Nations law to open our borders for even more illegal immigration!

This is absolutely disgusting. Judge Emmet Sullivan is waging an all out assault on this President. The Clinton-appointee started the week by accusing Michael Flynn of treason from the bench, only to apologize minutes later after he realized he didn't know what he was talking about.

Well, Sullivan isn't done. He just issued a major ruling in the case Grace v. Sessions to force the Trump administration not only to let illegal aliens into the country, but to track down illegals that were previously deported and fly them back into the country.

Despite all of his flaws, Jeff Sessions did an excellent job when it came to border security. His main accomplishment was to crack down on asylum fraud. For years, the Obama administration had tried to loosen the country's asylum laws to give illegal aliens a way into the country. Even though our asylum programs are designed to help victims of political and ethno-religious violence, Obama reinterpreted the law to grant asylum to victims of gang and domestic violence as well.

This summer, defeated RINO Kevin Yoder tried to ram this policy through in a secret and unrecorded subcommittee vote. He wanted to make Obama's policy permanent law. YOU helped stop the Republican Party's asylum surrender bill from passing.

Well, now this Clinton Judge is ordering Trump to return to the Obama-era interpretation of the law and let every asylum seeker in. What authority does a lone Federal judge have to do this? He cited United Nations law.

"Congress made clear its intent in promulgating the Refugee Act was to bring the United States' domestic laws in line with the [United Nations'] Protocol," Judge Sullivan announced.

US law doesn't grant asylum to victims of domestic violence, but UN law does. And this radical judge is ordering President Trump to start obeying United Nations law!

Don't let this radical judge impose UN law on this country! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to overrule this and pass the President's immigration agenda!

This is what happens when Congress refuses to act. With just 24 hours left in power, the Republican leadership is trying to ram through a spending bill that funds NONE of President Trump's immigration agenda.

It is no surprise that as Congress refuses to legislate, rogue judges will start legislating from the bench.

Judge Sullivan started the week by presiding over Michael Flynn's sentencing hearing. He yelled at Flynn and accused him of treason for selling out the United States of America as President Trump's former National Security Advisor. He told Flynn that he should go to prison for his crimes against the country. Within minutes, the Judge was informed that he was completely wrong. Not only was Flynn not being charged for his work as a lobbyist, but it had concluded months before Flynn ever joined the Trump White House. Sullivan was forced to apologize, but the damage against Flynn had already been done.

Now, this radical wants to impose United Nations law on President Trump and force him to not only let more illegal aliens into the country, but to track down the illegal that had previously been deported under Jeff Sessions' policy and fly them back to the United States so they can reapply for asylum and citizenship.

You are witnessing the beginning of the end of this Republic. With Congressional leadership refusing to take any action on the border wall or immigration, these activist judges are now trying to impose United Nations law on the country instead.

You must stop this!

Stop the GOP's immigration surrender! Send your instant and letter to Congress now before it's too late and FORCE them to override this radical judge and give President Trump the all of the funding to crack down on illegal immigration!

This is it. In just 24 hours, Congressional Republicans plan to adjourn and give up control of the House to the Democrats.

This is their last chance to use their power to overrule this radical ruling. Instead, the leadership is trying to run for the exits. Both McConnell and Ryan want to kick the can down the road again and block a vote on the border wall and the President's immigration agenda. 

A Federal judge is rewriting our laws to comply with the United Nations' extreme open border policies and the GOP couldn't care less… Deported illegal aliens who have no claim to enter this country are now being loaded onto planes and flown back here. Under this judge's ruling, these illegals will now be eligible for citizenship too!

You need to rise up and fight back! Don't let this sorry excuse for a judge impose United Nations law on this country to open the borders!

Stop the GOP's immigration surrender! Send your instant and letter to Congress now and FORCE them to override this radical judge and give President Trump the all of the funding to crack down on illegal immigration!

Running out of time,

Joe Otto
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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.