Breaking News: A 19 year old caravan invader just illegally crossed the border and gave birth on US soil, guaranteeing that her family gets to stay in the United States!

This is a startling reminder of just how porous the border is. 

The woman told reporters that she decided to hop the fence after she started feeling early labor pains. After hopping the fence, she and her husband were immediately apprehended by Border Patrol for illegally crossing the border. They were brought to a detention center and told they would remain in custody until their deportation hearing.

However, within hours of being apprehended, the woman went into active labor. Her child was born in Border Patrol custody and immediately received US citizenship. 

Instead of being deported, this woman and her husband have now been released from custody to care for their American citizen child. They're looking to use their child's citizenship to bring even more of their family members into the country.

This is just one case, but it proves how terribly broken our immigration system is. This woman crossed the border to make sure her child was born on US soil and received birthright citizenship. And because of our weak laws, there's nothing we can do about it… Every year, there are almost three hundred thousand anchor babies born on US soil and they all instantly become US citizens.

President Trump is demanding that Congress pass a strong new border security package, including an end to birthright citizenship. But the clock is ticking. If Republicans don't force the President's immigration plan through this week, it will be too late!

We're running out of time! Please, send your instantly delivered letter to Congress and FORCE them to stop Ryan and his allies from keeping the border open and saving birthright citizenship!

The government spending deadline is now just two weeks away. This is the last chance that Republicans have to use the power of the purse to secure the border and end the abomination of birthright citizenship. And it is YOUR last chance to hold their feet to the fire!

When President Trump announced his proposal last month to end birthright citizenship, Paul Ryan immediately snapped back and said, 'you can't do that!'

It was a shocking turn of events. We always knew that Paul Ryan would fight against bringing any border security bills up for a vote. But now, he is also promising swift action if Trump tries to take any action on his own. The only thing the GOP establishment wants to do is preserve the status quo.

That includes keeping the border wide open and protecting birthright citizenship for illegals. The Republicans want to just let them all in.

President Trump shouldn't have to be doing any of this. Congress had two years to get the job done. Now, thanks to their gross inaction, we have well over ten thousand migrants gathered at the border in Mexico. They are being coached by liberal immigration organizations and are starting to rush the border to invade the US. 

Congress should be working overtime to fix this, but all Paul Ryan wants to do is run out the clock. If he can keep the border open and preserve birthright citizenship for just two more weeks, he knows that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats will get the power to decide the future of America's immigration policy.

The President is doing everything he can. But now he's up against the activist judges, the Democrats, and the Republicans. He can't fight this alone. He needs your help!

Don't let the GOP surrender! Please, send your instantly delivered letter to Congress and FORCE them to stop Ryan and his allies from keeping the border open and saving birthright citizenship!

Paul Ryan has spent the past two years dedicating himself to thwarting President Trump. Now, he sees that the end is near. In just a couple weeks, Democrats take over the House. He only needs to block the President's immigration agenda long enough to hand the gavel over to Nancy Pelosi.

This is the fight of our time.  

Will you allow the establishments of both parties to keep the border wide open and preserve things like birthright citizenship?

Or will you fight back and force Congress to put America first?

We're running out of time! Please, send your instantly delivered letter to Congress and FORCE them to stop Ryan and his allies from keeping the border open and saving birthright citizenship!

No surrender,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.