Today, hundreds of migrants from the caravan will again try to rush the US border checkpoint in Tijuana, Mexico.

It has been a week since the last stampede at the border. Last Sunday, close to a thousand illegal aliens stormed the checkpoint in San Ysidro and forced Border Patrol to not only deploy tear gas, but also shut down the entire checkpoint for well over an hour.

And now, they’re going to make another push. Starting this afternoon, the caravan will leave its camp in the sports complex and march towards the border. Paid political agitators are already trying to rile up the caravan and get them to stampede the border. The image below is a translated version of the flyer that was distributed yesterday in the migrant camp.

They know that if they can step just one toe onto American soil, they will have the right to seek asylum. Obama Judge John Tigar ensured that when he overturned President Trump’s most recent asylum executive order. Yesterday, the Trump administration filed a motion to suppress the ruling. No surprise, Obama Judge Tigar refused to reverse his own order. It now fully goes into effect.

Any migrant who gets onto US soil will automatically be afforded the right to seek asylum. Under the current rules, these people must be released into society with a court date. Not surprisingly, very few actually show up to their deportation hearings…

During last week’s invasion attempt, more than 60 migrants actually got through the border wall. Not over… through. They literally tore off a steel plate covering a hole in the fence and marched right through. The only thing that stopped the entire group from rushing through was the tear gas.

They’ve studied the Border Patrol’s defenses and now they think they can make another push. The border fence is so weak and dilapidated, women and children can tear it down and just walk through.

 Send your instant letter to Congress now and DEMAND they kill Paul Ryan’s immigration surrender bill before it’s too late!

Today is December 1st. The deadline for Congress to pass a new Homeland Security Spending bill is in just SIX days.

There have not been any committee hearings for the President’s border wall funding… no markup sessions… As of right now, the legislation doesn’t even exist.

This is a strategy that was made popular by former-Speaker John Boehner. He would run out the clock before a government spending deadline and then, when there wasn’t enough time to actually debate a new spending bill, he would instead file what is called a “continuing resolution.”

Basically, a continuing resolution is an admission that Congress ran out of time. Instead of passing new spending legislation, a CR simply extends last year’s funding.

The Department of Homeland has been running on continuing resolutions for the entirety of Trump’s Presidency. Whenever it is time for Congress to actually fund the border wall, they just kick the can down the road. Paul Ryan’s infamous response is that the “timing” is never right to fund the border wall.

Well, in just six days, Congress must pass the last spending package before the Democrats take over. The timing for border wall funding has never been better. But the GOP is deliberately sitting on its hands. Mark my words, you will begin hearing Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell start to say that there simply isn’t enough time to fund the border wall. They’ll push through yet another continuing resolution, extending Paul Ryan’s 2017 prohibition on border wall construction.

We’re out of time. The caravan is making another rush at the border and spineless Republicans are once again trying to run out the clock to stop the wall from being built.

Fight back now!

 Stop the GOP from surrendering to the caravan! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Paul Ryan’s border spending bill before he can push it through!

On his way to the G20 summit, President Trump again reiterated his threat to shutdown the government if Congress doesn’t fully fund the border wall. The President of the United States has looked into the camera and said ‘its a wonderful time for a shutdown.’

Still, the GOP does nothing. There’s no urgency. No late sessions to make sure the legislation gets done in time. They have less than a week to give the President his border wall funding and they’re not even pretending to try to get it done. This is absolutely shameful.

President Trump has used every threat he has in his arsenal. But Congress doesn’t listen to him… they listen to YOU!

As you read this, the caravan is marching towards the US border for another violent confrontation with Border Patrol agents. They are promising to continue rushing the border until they are let in.

But if the GOP gets its way, they won’t even have to do that. Paul Ryan is introducing his continuing resolution to once again outlaw border wall construction. He wants to leave the border wide open and let the caravan waltz right in.

Every Democrat is onboard. Ryan just needs two dozen Republicans to join him and his immigration surrender will be complete.

The GOP is telling Trump that they just don’t have enough time to fund the border wall. They are telling the President that he will have better luck negotiating with Nancy Pelosi… This is disgusting.

Congress does not fund the border wall by the end of the week, the project will never happen.

We’re running out of time. It truly is now or never.

Rise up and fight before it’s too late!

Please, fight back before it’s too late! Hold Congress’ feet to the fire and FORCE them to kill Paul Ryan’s immigration surrender bill right now!

Don’t let them in,
Joe Otto
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