On Sunday, we warned that the migrant caravan was going to try to rush the border. They did. More than a thousand of the migrants stampeded the border checkpoint in San Ysidro.

At least 69 of the migrants were able to get through the border fence and immediately started pelting Border Patrol agents with rocks. US Custums and Border Patrol were forced to use tear gas as a last resort not only to quell the violence, but to stop more illegal aliens from busting through.

One woman tried to climb over the fence. She ended up getting snagged in the barbed wire and falling over onto the US-side of the border. She was impaled by a piece of rebar. Had it not been for the fast response from agents on the ground, she could have died.

All of this proves just how necessary President Trump's border wall is. Out of the thousand people who rushed the border, 42 were able to get through — not over, but through — the outdated border fence. They literally tore down a metal panel that was covering a hole in the fence. One woman was impaled while trying to climb over. 

President Trump called the entire GOP leadership into the White House yesterday for an emergency meeting. He sat Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell down and demanded border wall funding. If the spending package Congress sends him doesn't include it, Trump promised them he would veto it.

What did Paul Ryan do after the meeting? He immediately began negotiating to increase FEMA's disaster relief funding. Ryan and others in the GOP want to increase the hurricane relief funding to force Trump to sign a bill without wall funding. He is working with Democrats to force Trump to abandon the border wall!

The President needs your help! Please, send your instantly delivered hard-copy letter to Congress right now and DEMAND full border wall funding before it's too late!

This is what Ryan and the moderates did back in September. They blocked border wall funding and tied the measure to FEMA relief and the military's funding package. They knew that President Trump wouldn't risk a government shutdown then because it would defund the hurricane relief efforts in the Carolinas and cut military families' paychecks.

Trump was in an impossible position. Search and rescue and recovery operatations were ongoing. He couldn't just pull the plug on that. The Republican establishment lured the President into a trap and they used Hurricane victims as leverage.

Well, now Paul Ryan is trying to do the same thing again. He is working on a FEMA package that would completely rebuild the communities devastated by hurricanes, wild fires, and other natural disasters over the past year.

Thankfully, military funding is off the table this time around. But the fact that those in GOP leadership are trying to weaponize FEMA funding against the President shows just how desperate they are to block the border wall funding.

Mitch McConnell's plan, believe it or not, is actually worse. McConnell is working on a bill to give the President all of the border wall funding he needs… but dispersed over the course of 2-4 years. As soon as Nancy Pelosi takes over the House and gets the Power of the Purse, she'll have the power to claw it back and defund the entire border wall project. 

We are staring down an invasion right now. Caravan migrants are rushing the border and actually attacking our Border Patrol agents. The illegal aliens actually tore down a section of rusted border fence in order to break into the country. After Border Patrol agents were forced to deploy tear gas, Democrat Senator Brian Schatz (Hawaii) actually accused President Trump of violating the Chemical Weapons Convention.

That's right: Leftists are accusing the President of using chemical weapons against the caravan…

The only reason any of this is happening is because cowards like Paul Ryan refuse to fund the border wall project. Enough is enough!

The President needs your help! Please, send your instantly delivered hard-copy letter to Congress right now and DEMAND full border wall funding before it's too late!

Congressman Jim Jordan is leading the charge against Ryan's open border surrender plan. The clock is ticking and Congress is running out of time to fund the wall. "We had better put it on the December 7 funding bill," Jordan warned.

The President has issued his demand. He has put a government shutdown on the table and has promised to veto any spending package that does not include full and immediate border wall funding.

No sooner had they left yesterday's meeting, Ryan and his establishment allies began working on ways to undermine the President and force him to abandon the wall.

President Trump needs your help. The caravan is not giving up. They are promising another border stampede, this time with thousands more people in it. 

We need the wall. Not in a few months… not in a few years… we need it NOW!

The President needs your help! Please, send your instantly delivered hard-copy letter to Congress right now and DEMAND full border wall funding before it's too late!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

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