We have now confirmed that the illegal migrant caravan will rush the US-Mexico border TODAY. Organizers hope that 20,000 will attend the “march” designed to overwhelm Border Patrol agents.

Yesterday, other news outlets reported that the Mexican Government has agreed to keep the caravan migrants in their country until US courts decided on each member’s asylum claims. It didn’t take long for that news to fall apart. The incoming Obrador administration denied ever making an agreement with the United States. 

And just like that, the Caravan was free to rush the border again.

Their March is scheduled for this afternoon. Upwards of twenty thousand migrants will march to the border crossing in San Ysidro and keep pushing until they get into the United States.

The Mexican police are backing down. US military personnel have been both disarmed and withdrawn from the immediate area surrounding the checkpoint. Border Patrol is grossly outmanned and outgunned. 

Everything we have been fighting for comes down to this. The border stampede is happening today!

Stop the GOP from surrendering to the caravan! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Paul Ryan’s border spending bill before he can push it through!

President Trump has so far done everything he can to harden the southern border, but it is not enough. The administration covered the border fence with miles of barbed wire to deter the migrants from trying to climb over. But it isn’t working.

Yesterday, a Honduran man was able to climb over the barbed wire and jump down onto US soil. When he landed on his feet, he began pelting Border Patrol agents with rocks. The agents were ordered not to open fire.

Another woman tried to climb over the border fence yesterday with two young children in-tow. When she reached the top, she slipped and fell. She was impaled by multiple pieces of rebar and would have died, had it not been for the fast-acting Border Patrol agents.

President Trump’s entire response has been the to try to scare the caravan into turning around. That is because Congress has refused to give aThe wall has been defunded. Border Patrol hires have been halted. Even if Border Patrol agents happen to arrest all twenty thousand marchers today, there’s nowhere to house them because Congress refuses to fund new detention facilities.

Trump threatened to cut off aid funding to countries helping the caravan, and Deep Staters in the State Department blocked him. He signed an executive order taking away asylum rights from illegal aliens and an Obama judge intervened to block the order.

He even struck a deal with Mexico to keep the caravan in their country, but the incoming Mexican President just announced he is pulling out. Now, a crowd of upwards of twenty thousand migrants are marching on the border and the President can’t stop them.

Only Congress can stop it and only YOU can force them to!

Send your instant letter to Congress now and DEMAND they kill Paul Ryan’s immigration surrender bill before it’s too late!

Congress has until December 7 to pass a new Homeland Security spending bill. The bill that Paul Ryan is working on is absolutely atrocious. It merely would fund the Department at last year’s level. In other words, Border Patrol would continue to be defunded and the border wall project would be outlawed.

With the caravan making their first push to cross the border, Republicans want to rush this surrender spending bill through early this week. You see, the GOP knows that two weeks is a lot of time. They don’t want to give you a chance to kill their immigration surrender package. So, they’re hoping to push it through before you’ve had a chance to mobilize.

But they weren’t able to keep their secret. Now you know what they’re trying to do!

The timer’s run out. The caravan is rushing the border and spineless GOPers are pushing through a spending bill that blocks Trump from doing anything about it.

Please, fight back before it’s too late! Hold Congress’ feet to the fire and FORCE them to kill Paul Ryan’s immigration surrender bill right now!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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