Take a long hard look at the photo above. That photo was taken over the weekend and shows a new migrant caravan marching through southern Mexico.

Not the original caravan that just left Mexico City this week… not the close to 1,000 illegal migrants that just arrived at the border fence in Tijuana yesterday… No, this is a new caravan.

And what are they doing? They are marching through Mexico literally carrying a Honduran flag banner. This one in particular celebrates the country's 2010 soccer team.

More buses just arrived at the border fence in Tijuana and the buses pulled into the parking lots with Honduran flags flying out the windows.

These people are literally celebrating the country they are supposed to be fleeing. This isn't a refugee march… this is an invasion.

What else do you call it when illegal aliens scale the southern border fence and start waving their home country's flag?

Stop Paul Ryan's open border surrender! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to fully fund the border wall before it's too late!

Yesterday, the US Border Patrol announced that they had awarded a border wall construction contract to secure a section of the border in Texas. This is the second contract award we've seen in the past month.

Combined, these two border wall contracts will cover just 14 miles. In other words, illegal aliens will simply have to walk 14 miles in one direction and they will be free to enter the US unimpeded.

But here is the worst part: this project to build 14 miles of new wall along the border will completely exhaust the Department of Homeland Security's border wall funding.

Remember how I told you that Paul Ryan deliberately blocked border wall construction from moving forward? President Trump and his administration moved money around and as of right now, these 14 miles will be the only major border wall projects scheduled for the next fiscal year.

I say 'as of right now' because Congress is facing another government spending deadline. Both the House and the Senate must pass a new government spending bill by December 7. That is three weeks away.

President Trump is demanding full border wall funding. Moderate Republicans have suggested perhaps throwing a billion towards the border wall. Paul Ryan, however, is working on a truly sinister plan: continuing the status quo.

Back in September, Congress passed what is known as a continuing resolution. Instead of outlining new funding, the CR simply continues funding the government at the current rate.

Ryan knows that he will have a hard time getting the GOP to vote to block a border wall again. So instead, he is just trying to get the Party to vote for a continuing resolution extending 2017's funding levels.

Guess what that means: the border wall project stays blocked! It would then be up to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to pass a full spending bill, and they've already promised to kill any border wall or border security amendments!

Don't let Paul Ryan surrender the power of the purse! Send your instant message to Congress right now and DEMAND full border wall and border security funding before it's too late!

This is a new low, even for the Republican party. They have three weeks to pass a spending bill that governs the next fiscal year. The Founders called this the "power of the purse."

Paul Ryan and his allies hate the President so much, they are willing to give up this power and surrender it to the Democrats.

The caravan is climbing over the border fence and there is no one there to stop them.

President Trump tried to hire more border patrol agents, and the GOP blocked him. He tried to deploy tens of thousands of soldiers to these vulnerable, and the Pentagon blocked him.

President Trump tried to replace the fence with an unclimbable wall design, and Ryan and the GOP blocked him.

And now, the GOP has a chance to actually pass a conservative spending bill and the RINOs are saying, 'no thanks.'

The caravan is here. Hundreds of these migrants are arriving at the border every day. And once the main caravan arrives, we will be staring down more than 10,000 of them at the border. And Paul Ryan is pushing an immigration surrender spending bill that will let them all in…

Stop the GOP surrender and stop the caravan! Please, send your instant and ur.gent message to Congress right now and FORCE them to fully fund the wall and border security, or else!

We have to stop them,

Joe Otto
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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.

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