Yesterday morning, we reported that the first 85 illegal migrants from the caravan had arrived at the US-Mexico border. Media reported that they were respecting US law and applying for asylum.

Unfortunately, we spoke too soon. By the end of the day, that number had swelled to almost 500 illegal aliens and they were anything but respectful. When the first batch of caravan migrants arrived, they immediately scaled the US-Mexico border fence and hopped down onto American soil.

How did this happen? The Mexican Police (both local and Federales) are providing a full police escort to the caravan. They escorted buses of 400 people all the way to the Mexican border state of Sonora. And now, they're climbing the fence and breaking into this country.

Notice how there aren't any border patrol agents on the American side of the fence in the picture above…

So let's get this straight. Congress refuses to fund the border security programs to stop this invasion. They refuse to fund the unscalable border wall or allow Homeland Security to hire enough Border Patrol agents to secure the whole border.

But the GOP is perfectly fine with sending billions abroad to countries like Mexico and Honduras and even using American taxdol.lars to subsidize the very Mexican police departments escorting the caravan to the border…

It is shameful.

Stop the GOP's immigration surrender! Tell Congress right now that there will be hell-to-pay if they go along with Rep. Will Hurd's immigration surrender plan!

One of the biggest silver linings from the midterms is that most of the never-Trump Republican Congressmen ended up losing their races.

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), however, won his race by just 689 votes. If that name sounds familiar, it should. In the final days of the campaign, Rep. Hurd introduced a truly radical proposal: instead of funding the border wall and border security programs, he wants to send that funding to Central and South America as foreign aid.

No, this is not a joke. Immediately after returning from a "fact finding" trip to Central America, Congressman Hurd dropped this bombshell statement.

"The 32 billion that would go into a border wall… I'm just even more convinced that it would be better spent with some of these existing programs and we'd see a quicker decrease in drugs and illegal immigration."

We're already seeing how Mexico is spending our law enforcement aid. They are providing police escorts to the caravan.

And we are also seeing what Mexican states are doing with the food aid provided by USAID. They are giving it away to the invading caravan marching towards the border.

So not only does this Republican traitor give it all away to the countries harboring these migrant caravans, but he wants to do it by decreasing the spending on border wall construction and general border security.

President Trump promised to cut foreign aid to any country that is helping the migrant caravan. Yet, as soon as the order came down from the White House, Obama holdovers in the State Department immediately began to block it. Now, both Republicans and Democrats in Congress are threatening the administration and demanding they preserve all foreign aid spending.

The GOP leadership is meeting with Democrats starting today to put together an immigration package. They are trying to sneak Hurd's foreign aid plan through.

You CANNOT let this happen!

Force the vote! Send your instantly delivered message to Congress and FORCE these cowards to kill Rep. Hurd's surrender plan and hold a full vote on border security, or else!

The media has been working overtime to try to convince the American people that the caravan had disbanded. 

Not only is the caravan still pushing forward, but the 500 that just arrived at the border and are scaling the fence. They went to the sector without any Border Patrol or Army forces and they're breaking right into the country.

This is an invasion. These people aren't refugees. There are no natural disasters, genocide, or ethnic cleansing in Central America. These people are simply economic migrants, which means they have NO right to enter the United States.

But thanks to Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment, they're being allowed to waltz right in. And now, Congress is gearing up to defund border security programs to send even more foreign aid to Central and South America!

The GOP's current plan is to take the border wall's funding and give it to Central and South American countries instead. They want to reward them for helping the caravan.

This is a call to arms. Not only has the caravan officially arrived at the border, but they are now scaling the fence to break into the country. And the traitorous Republicans are refusing to do anything to stop them!

Force the border wall vote before it's too late! Send your instant message to Congress immediately and FORCE them to kill Rep. Hurd's immigration surrender bill, or else!

Trump threatened to cut the foreign aid to Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras, but the Obama holdovers in the State department blocked him.

The President promised full military deployment to the border and the Pentagon not only limited what the soldiers are allowed to do, but also limited the number of troops at Trump's disposal.

Now, Congress is preparing to decrease border security funding to increase foreign aid to the very countries harboring the illegal aliens.

Trump is furious, but he needs your help!

Stop the GOP from defunding the wall and giving it all away to these foreign countries! Send your message to Congress right now and KILL Rep Hurd's plan to block the wall and increase foreign aid!

They're here…

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.