This is Breaking News: The first group of illegal migrants from the caravan has reached the US border! They showed up at an area that Pres. Trump has fortified yet because Congress won't give him the funding!

Yesterday, we reported that the migrant caravan has finally gotten back on the road and started moving towards the US border. The bulk of the caravan had been waiting in Mexico City for the past week, hoping that the UN would provide them buses to get to the border as fast as possible.

Over that time, the number of people in the caravan started to dwindle. This led multiple liberal news agencies to report that the caravan was "dead." Remember last week when CNN's Jim Acosta got kicked out of the White House? He started his argumentative line of questioning by claiming that the caravan was 'only one or two thousand people.'

CNN and other agencies were claiming that the migrants were giving up on their dream of reaching the US. All of a sudden, the caravan disappeared from the news.

Well, as we reported yesterday, the caravan is on the move again and growing. But today, we have even worse news: the first batch of migrant caravans have arrived at the border!

The caravan has started to arrive! Quick, send your instant message to Congress right now and DEMAND full border wall and border security funding immediately!

Today, at least 85 illegal aliens have arrived at the US border checkpoint near Tijuana. Like thousands of others, they decided that they could move faster if they left the caravan and traveled on their own. There are thousands of others like them.

Last week, President Trump signed an executive order to strengthen our asylum laws. But already, we are seeing UN observers and others from liberal political organizations coaching the illegal migrants on how to game the system and get around Trump's 

The first batch to reach the border are claiming to be the victims of targeted political violence because… of their sexual orientation. They are trying to use this to get into the United States. 

This is just the first group that splintered from the caravan to arrive at the border. There are thousands of others that are just days away, not to mention the large caravan of 6k+ that left Mexico City over the weekend.

Congress must act now. 

Both the House and Senate are back in session today. It is up to YOU to force them to shut down the border!

Don't let Paul Ryan let the entire caravan in! Please send your instant message to Congress right now and BLOCK Paul Ryan's open border amnesty and force Congress to fund the border wall!

Over the past weeks, President Trump has deployed thousands of troops to the US border in Texas. He used emergency funding to have these troops harden the checkpoints and lay miles of razor wire along the open border.

The caravan saw this and decided to change its route. Instead of going to McAllen, Texas, they are now going to cross at the checkpoint near Tijuana, Mexico. 

But here's the thing. Because the caravan is so splintered, President Trump can't just move the troops stationed in Texas to California. No matter what Trump does, the caravan will go to wherever the troops aren't.

The President doesn't have the funding to cover the entire border. Paul Ryan made sure of that when he pushed through the temporary government funding bill this fall. He blocked border wall construction funding and stopped the President from building up Border Patrol to confront threats like the caravan.

And now, with the temporary funding bill set to expire on December 7, the Department of Homeland Security is running on fumes. 

The solution is already right in front of us. Rep. Kevin McCarthy has already introduced the "Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act" (HR.7059). This legislation not only fully funds the President's border wall project, giving him the power to secure the entire US-Mexico border, but it will also give Border Patrol hundreds of millions more to let them hire more agents and upgrade their equipment and technology. And the best part? There is NO amnesty in Rep. McCarthy's bill and the funding would be completely and permanently protected.

Paul Ryan is furious. He wants complete amnesty and open borders. It is what his corporate donors demand and he only has two months to give it to them. If Ryan can block this border wall bill for just another 50 days, he can kill it completely. Ryan knows that all legislation automatically dies when Congress changes hands in January. 

President Trump can't do it alone. He needs YOUR help right now to force Congress to fund the wall and close down the border!

Ryan wants to let the entire caravan in! Please send your instant message to Congress right now and BLOCK Paul Ryan's open border amnesty and force Congress to fund the border wall!

They're at the gates,

Joe Otto
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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.