For the past week, the illegal alien caravan has been holed up in Mexico City trying to figure out next steps forward.

They tried to get buses from the United Nations, but the Trump administration blocked the request. Instead, the Mexican Government is once again stopping trucks and buses on the highway to help these illegal migrants hitch hike towards the US border.

Since they spent so long in Mexico City, many of the people in the caravan started splintering off and going their own way. After growing to over 14k people, experts estimated that the caravan had dwindled to only two or three thousand over the past week, with the rest of the migrants splintering off to make the trek on their own.

The Government of Mexican State of Queretaro just reported that in 24 hours, at least 6,500 caravan migrants have passed through their state en route to the US border. That’s double what the media was reporting and doesn’t even include the two other caravans barreling towards the US border.

The caravan has been watching Pres. Trump deploy active duty military troops to the Texas border. So, they just re-routed to Tijuana and plan to cross into California instead. This is important because California Governor Jerry Brown has publicly promised to block any national guard or army troops from operating at the border in California.

The caravan is growing and they’re deliberately driving to a part of the border that DOESN’T have any troop deployments!

Don’t let the GOP kill the wall! Please, send your instantly delivered message to Congress and force them to fully fund the border wall right now!

This comes at a time when the GOP aid actively considering caving on immigration. Congress must pass a government spending package by December 7. 

President Trump is demanding full border wall funding. The GOP is negotiating with the Left over “border security funding.” This is a big difference. In other words, instead of funding the border wall, the GOP simply wants to fund the Department of Homeland Security the same way it has been done every year since 2002.

I can’t stress how big of a surrender this is. Instead of appropriating funding for the border wall, Paul Aryana wants to simply give Homeland Security authority to hire more Border Patrol agents.

If the GOP gets away with this, the border wall will probably never get built. Democrats take over the House of Representatives in just 52 days. Nancy Pelosi has already said that when she becomes Speaker, she will never let border wall funding reach the President’s desk.

We’re in now-or-never territory and now the GOP is talking about giving up and letting future Congresses decide what to do on the border wall. They know that would mean the wall never gets built, but the Republican leadership doesn’t care…

Rep. Kevin McCarthy has already introduced the legislation. The "Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act" would set aside, and protect, all of the funding necessary to fully secure the border. Republicans have the votes to secure the border and now Paul Ryan is saying he doesn’t want to let it through!

Force Congress to build the wall before it's too late! Send your instantly delivered message to Congress right now and order them to fully fund the border wall, or else!

On October 10, Border Patrol agents picked up a Mexican illegal alien in Texas. When they ran his fingerprints, they learned that he was a convicted murderer who served nine years in prison. 

He was deported on October 5, 2018. Just five days after a convicted murderer was deported, he was back in the United States.

We already know that there are convicted felons in the caravan. One man went on TV and admitted that he was convicted of attempted murder in the US and wanted to sneak back into the country anyway.

The caravan has now restarted and doubled in size. We need the wall and we need it now.

Paul Ryan is working around the clock to stop that from happening. His proposed deal with Democrats would fund Border Patrol and ICE, but once again ban the Trump administration from building new border wall segments. If Ryan wins and writes the border wall ban into Federal law this month, then Nancy Pelosi can renew the ban every year moving forward and block the border from ever being secured.

That is what is at stake. By the end of this month, we will know whether the Border Wall will be built or blocked for the remainder of Trump’s Presidency.

Paul Ryan knows that if he blocks it one more time, the wall will never get built. And he is counting on you doing nothing. Ryan knows the only way he wins is if brave conservatives like you let him win.

Please, don’t let Ryan and the open border GOP win! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and DEMAND full border wall funding before it’s too late!

Now or never, 

Joe Otto
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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.