Right now, as you read this, Democrat lawyers are trying to steal the Florida elections.

This is absolutely mind-blowing. We just got an excerpt from the transcript of ballot challenges in Palm Beach County, Florida. This is where questionable ballots are reviewed by an election judge, and representatives for the different candidates have a chance to object to ballot decisions.

Just in the last 24 hours, a ballot came up for review that was cast by a non-citizen. The poll worker and election judge immediately declared the ballot was invalid. However Lawyers representing the Nelson and Gillum campaigns both objected and wanted the vote to count.


The Clerk: Katia [Redacted]
Ms. Bucher: Denial. Not a U.S. Citizen.
Judge Bonativa: First one of these we’ve seen.
Ms. Bucher: Not a U.S. citizen, not counted.
Mr. Scarola: Objection Nelson.
Ms. Gonzales: Objection Gillum.
Judge Bonativa: Objection noted.

Do you see what is happening here? A Judge is trying to throw out an illegal ballot cast by a non-citizen, and the lawyers representing the Democrat candidates are objecting to try to get it counted! They are willing to do anything to steal this election.

There are reports coming in from Broward County, FL of Democrat activists “finding” thousands of “lost” ballots in bathrooms, car trunks, and alleys behind polling centers. In Georgia, precincts all around the state just discovered “lost” ballots that were “forgotten about” on election day.

The Democrats in Georgia found 5,500 ballots and 90% of them ended up going towards the Democrat candidate. This is statistically improbable, but not criminally impossible.

President Trump is mobilizing teams of lawyers and investigators to stop the steal. But the amazing thing is that establishment Republicans are starting to wake up to the Left’s crimes!

It is up to you to hold Congress feet to the fire and DEMAND nationwide voter ID now!

Don’t let the Left steal these elections! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to step in and secure the vote and make voter ID mandatory nationwide!

In Broward County, the Democrat in charge of the ballot counting process – Brenda Snipes – admitted yesterday that she authorized illegal votes to be added to the statewide total. Dozens of illegal ballots were approved and laundered in a batch of legal ballots, and she says there’s nothing we can do about it. She admitted to counting illegal votes. The only question is how many…

Over the past couple of weeks, we have have seen a number of establishment Republicans start to redeem themselves. Mitch McConnell held the line and pushed Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation through. Lindsey Graham became a conservative hero by standing up to the Left and their smears against Kavanaugh.

Now, we are seeing Marco Rubio regain his conservative stripes by attacking the Leftist election thieves in Florida. He is live-tweeting every single crime that is being committed by the Democrats on the Florida boards of elections and demanding the government take action against them.

Democrats in charge of these counties continue to “discover” new boxes of ballots and surprise, surprise… practically all of the votes they’re finding are for Democrats.

They won’t stop “finding” boxes of ballots until they have enough to make the Democrats win the Senate and Governor races.

We are supposed to have faith in our election process. We are supposed to believe the numbers that are reported. But with this rampant lawlessness across the country, and the fact that there is no voter ID requirement in place, it’s impossible to trust these results. We have election officials admitting to counting illegal ballots, and we’re all just supposed to sit back and let it happen.

Thankfully, Republicans in Congress are finally starting to wake up. They are seeing how far the left is willing to go to steal an election and starting to realize that this is their last chance to pass real, election security legislation!

Stop the steal! Send your instant FaxBlast now and DEMAND an immediate vote on election security legislation, including nationwide voter ID!

Cowards like Jeff Flake are trying to block the vote on this critical election security bill. Flake just blasted President Trump for even suggesting election officials were breaking the law. “There is no evidence of electoral corruption,” Flake declared.

Meanwhile, leftist election officials are kicking it into overdrive to steal these elections.

We must stop them, and the only way to do that is to force an election security law down their throats!

Please, join this fight and take action before it’s too late! Send your immediate FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to secure the vote and pass a nationwide voter ID requirement into law!


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