A lot has happened in the last 24 hours.

The migrant caravan is now suing the Trump administration for ‘violating their constitutional rights.’ These people have never even been in the United States, and have absolutely no right to be here, but they claim Trump’s border security order is unconstitutional.

Their lawsuit was filed by a company called Nexus Services. This company has a Federal contract to provide ankle monitors to illegal aliens released with notices to appear in court. They want to force Trump to let the caravan in so that they can profit off of it. Absolutely shameful tactics, but that’s the Democrat Party in a nutshell…

On the heels of this news, 108 Congressional Democrats just signed onto a motion demanding that the troops Trump deployed to the border be stopped. That’s right, President Trump is now deploying 15k soldiers to the border and Congressional Democrats are vowing to stop them!

Even worse? They can do it!

Stop the GOP from caving on immigration! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and STOP them from bowing to the Left’s demands and pulling the troops from the border!

When Paul Ryan struck a budget deal with Democrats back in late September, Congress ended up passing what is known as a temporary continuing resolution. Ryan needed Democrat votes to get his liberal budget through, but the Left demanded it only be temporary.

In less than a month, Congress MUST vote on another spending package or else the government runs out of funding.

President Trump has now ordered upwards of fifteen thousand troops to the border. Originally, the Pentagon was only going to allow the President to deploy 800 unarmed soldiers. Yesterday, Pres. Trump clarified that if the troops are attacked at the border, they will respond with deadly force to protect themselves and the country.

The troop deployment orders last through December 15th, which is the latest estimate for the caravan’s arrival at the border if the only walk the entire way.

Here’s the problem: the government funding deadline is December 7th, a whole week before the troop deployment expires.

Paul Ryan needed these 108 Democrats to get the budget bill through in September. Now, they are refusing to vote for any funding bill unless the GOP agrees to pull the troops from the border!

If the Left gets its way, the caravan would just need to wait it out and then cross the border in early December once the military is forced away!

President Trump is doing everything he possibly can to block these migrants from entering the US. He just signed an executive order blocking illegal aliens from using asylum claims as get-out-of-jail cards and upped the Pentagon’s deployment from 800 unarmed specialists to upwards of 15k armed soldiers.

But now Democrats are going to undo all of it!

 Stop these Democrats from pulling the plug on Trump’s border deployment! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and BLOCK this immigration surrender before it’s too late!

You cannot allow the Left to get away with this and you CANNOT let Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell cave to their demands.

Many of the Republicans in Congress are cowards. They know that Democrats will take a hatchet to Trump’s border security plan if they win control of the House. Paul Ryan thinks that if he surrenders and defunds Trump’s border enforcement plan, the Democrats will give up. It’s pathetically naive.

Yesterday, a third illegal alien caravan busted through Mexico’s southern border checkpoint. The three caravans now total way over ten thousand people combined. And instead of marching all the way to Tijuana, the caravan just changed its route to go to McAllen, Texas instead. That detour alone cut their travel time in half…

Trump is deploying the military to stop them, but now Congress is going to pull the plug on the operation all together!

You must stop them! With the midterm elections just a couple of days away, only you can stop this surrender!

Kill this open border surrender! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to protect Trump’s border troop deployment, or else be removed from office!

Here is the list of the Congressmen demanding that the troops be pulled off the border.

Stop these Democrats from pulling the plug on Trump’s border deployment! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and BLOCK this immigration surrender before it’s too late!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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