Breaking News: The Illegal Alien Caravan has now started loading onto flatbed trucks to make it to the US border even faster!

Yesterday was a day of rest for the illegal alien caravan. They set up a tent city in a village of Huixtla, Mexico, apparently 'recovering' from the long journey they've made.

News reporters descended on the town and found all of the sob stories they could. Yesterday, Shepard Smith lamented on television that the migrants had horrible blisters on their feet. That's what happens when you march illegally across international borders… CNN accused the President of lying about criminals and terrorists likely being embedded into the caravan, just hours before Homeland Security confirmed the President's concerns.

But the liberal media all ran the same talking points yesterday: 'the caravan is traveling completely on foot and will take weeks to reach the United States.'

'No reason to worry,' they said. 'Go back to your lives and ignore the invading horde marching its way towards our borders.'

But when the cameras left, the caravan ended the charade. They packed onto pickup trucks, busses, and even flat-beds to continued the trek north. 

The Left and the Media need you to stop paying attention to this. In just the past 72 hours, immigration has shot up to the #1 issue in the midterms and Republicans are gaining ground — and even taking the lead — in many of the polls.

Democrats want two things: they want Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to honor their word not to hold an immigration vote until after the midterms and they want the American people to stop paying attention to this impending invasion.

They cannot be allowed to win!

Stop them before it's too late! Tell Congress that if they do not immediately secure the border, they will all be removed from office!

The Chairman of the Democrat Party – Tom Perez – went on CNN last night and demanded that everyone in the caravan be welcomed into the United States and given a chance to apply for asylum.

"We are a nation of laws and the laws that are on the books deal with issues of refugee and asylum status," Perez declared, "and our laws require that people be treated with dignity and given that process."

The law is actually pretty clear. There needs to be war, famine, or a natural disaster for someone to qualify as a refugee and asylum seekers are required to prove they are beng individually targeted for their political beliefs, religion, or ethnic background.

None of this applies to the caravan. They aren't fleeing violence. They aren't being oppressed.

But, you see, they know the loophole. Our asylum laws also welcome people with credible fears of being tortured. "Torture" is the magic word. Say it to any Border Patrol or ICE agent and the law says they have to treat the illegal aliens differently. So, everyone says it when they get apprehended by border patrol and it takes the overloaded immigration court usually over a year to verify or refute the claim.

In the meantime, the illegal aliens are set free into American society until their court hearing. Only 7.5% of Hondurans' asylum claims are accepted. That's because Honduras isn't at war or in the middle of a disaster. More than 95% of the fraudulent asylum seekers never show up to their hearings and choose to just live illegally in the United States. So by the numbers, practically none of the frauds end up getting deported.

We crafted our asylum laws to help the world's marginalized people, those fleeing communism and oppression. This caravan, and the others like it, want to take advantage of that generosity to force themselves into the country.

And the official policy of the Democrat Party is now to let them all in…

Stop the immigration surrender! Send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and order them to pass the border security package and give Pres. Trump the tools to turn the caravan back!

I have no idea why the GOP is providing political cover for the Democrats like this. On countless issues, we were given strong promises that Ryan and McConnell would force Democrats to take hard votes before the election. But on the issue of immigration, the Republican leadership wants to run out the clock.

They don't believe this is an emergency. They've bought into the liberal media spin that it will take weeks for the caravan to arrive by foot. Meanwhile, they're being loaded 20 at a time onto flatbed trucks to speed north to the border.

To Trump's credit, he'd mobilizing the military and sending them to the border. But we all know that our soldiers aren't going to shoot these people. Like Hamas in Palestine, the caravan puts the women and children up front every time they reach a border checkpoint. It was the women and children who took the brunt of the Mexican police tear gas canisters when they first reached the Mexico-Guatemala border.

Does anyone really think that the US military will shoot these people? It would be a total disaster, both politically and from a humanitarian standpoint..

If these people reach the southern border with our immigration and askateylum laws intact, they are practically guaranteed to get into the country.

That is why we are pushing so hard to force Congress to take action. Our laws are so weak and pathetic, that our border patrol and military aren't even allowed to stop people from breaking into the country.

The main caravan has already swelled to over fourteen thousand people. More caravans are forming in Honduras and Guatemala. And if the election was held today, it looks like Democrats would retake the House of Representatives.

If that happens, there will not be a border security vote. They will leave the borders open for endless caravans to come across. The head of the DNC just admitted that they should all be let in. Do you really think Speaker Nancy Pelosi would do anything to stop this invasion???

Congress has to act now, before it's too late. And it is up to you to force it!

Hit Congress where it hurts! Demand Congress hold an immediate vote on these border security bills, or else!

If the caravan reaches the border first, it will be too late. If Democrats win back seats and make Nancy Pelosi the Speaker again, it will be too late.

This is the only chance we have to shut these caravans down and restore our sovereignty. The GOP had wanted to wait until after the midterms so they could pass any immigration bill they wanted without having to face the voters.

This caravan is putting tremendous pressure on them to act now. YOU are putting tremendous pressure on them to act now!

All of the bills to solve this crisis have already been introduced. 

H.R. 392, the Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act would force asylum seekers to go through the same "extreme vetting" procedure that Trump applied to Middle Eastern refugees under his travel ban. Illegal aliens wouldn't be allowed to game the system anymore.

H.R. 6657, the Fund and Complete the Wall Act would fine foreign countries every time one of their citizens is caught illegally crossing the border or illegally living in the United States. The funds would be taken out of their foreign aid and would go directly to fund the border wall and border patrol agents.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who is vying to replace Paul Ryan as Speaker, introduced H.R. 7059, the Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act. Not only would it fully fund the border wall project, but the package includes Kate's Law, a measure to fully defund sanctuary cities, and an amendment to make it easier for ICE and Border Patrol to immediately deport suspected gang members. And this major immigration bill contains ZERO amnesty provisions.

Congress could vote on these bills and pass them today. Mitch McConnell has the power to push them through the Senate.

The only reason it hasn't happened is because the GOP doesn't want it to!

No more excuses! Tell Congress right now that they MUST pass these border security bills immediately, or else they will face the consequences!

The caravan is now taking flatbed trucks to the border. Who's funding these costs? Your guess is as good as mine.

But now that they're on wheels, the only things slowing them down traffic jams and gas station stops. Their path to the US border is now clear.

Do not let Congress stall! Do not let them wait until the caravan reaches the border or the Democrats retake Congress to take action!

Keep pressuring Congress! Please, send your instantly delivered letter and FORCE Congress to pass these common sense border security bills right now, before it's too late!

Now is the time to fight back!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.