Breaking: Under the cover of darkness, the migrant caravan snuck across the Mexico-Guatemala border and resumed its march towards the United States! Unless Congress takes action right now, these invaders will be in this country by this time tomorrow!

I'm not all that surprised. The most corrupt police department in the world — the Mexican Federal Police — was caught sleeping on the job. At 5am this morning, thousands of illegal migrants in the caravan snuck across the river and into Mexico. The Mexican police did absolutely nothing to stop them.

Yesterday, the Mexican government began allowing women and children through the border checkpoint and drove them to a shelter so they could sleep and receive medical treatment. They too snuck out of their facility and joined with the thousands that swam across the river under the cover of darkness.

The caravan started in Honduras with approximately one thousand people. When it reached the Mexico-Guatemala border, it numbers around four thousand. As of this morning, it has now swelled to over five thousand. That's right, they actually picked up more people after sneaking into Mexico. Just take a look at the photo above that was taken this morning. 

They are now hours away from the United States' border. We're out of time.

Time's up! Send your instantly delivered letter to Congress before it's too late and FORCE them to shut down the border and halt the illegal alien caravan in its tracks!

I warned yesterday that these people were going to rush the Guatemala-Mexico border and that the Mexican police wouldn't stop them. I was right.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo even flew into Mexico this week to make sure that the migrant caravan would be stopped. Hours after Pompeo struck a deal with the Mexican government, the corrupt police officers let them ford the river anyway.

As of right now, the caravan has completely reformed inside of Mexico. Migrants are marching ten-across and their lines stretch for over a mile. When they marched through the Mexican village of Tapachula, the residents ran to the streets and applauded the caravan. The locals started handing out food, clothing, and water to help the caravan reach the US border. Now, trucks and busses are showing up out of nowhere to carry the caravan further north. 

Worst case scenario? They will arrive at the US border before you wake up tomorrow morning.

Practically everyone in the convoy has a child in-tow. That is their "get out of jail free" card. They know that if they show up at a border patrol checkpoint with a child, they are automatically released into the US. They know the loopholes in our immigration and asylum laws and they're going to take full advantage of them.

President Trump has already threatened to cut off foreign aid to Central America if the caravan wasn't stopped. He tried to order it, but the GOP leadership in Congress blocked him.

Then, Trump threatened to call up the National Guard to secure the border, but Democrat and moderate Republican Governors refused to comply.

Now, Pres. Trump is done playing around. He said yesterday during a press briefing that if the Caravan breaks into Mexico and isn't stopped, "we're calling up the military. Not the Guard, we're calling up the military and we'll have them stationed," Trump promised. "They're not coming into this country."

The establishments of both parties, however, are saying 'not so fast…'

 Don't let them get away with this! Please, send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to put a stop this illegal alien invasion before it's too late!

In order for the Army to be called up, President Trump must receive what is called a Congressional waiver. Federal law prohibits the military from acting as law enforcement agents inside the United States, unless a national emergency is declared and Congress passes a waiver to allow it. 

Democrats are already promising to block any waiver vote. Republicans, eager to surrender even more on immigration, are telling reporters that they won't even put the waiver up for a vote… Even establishment operatives inside the White House are working to block the President from taking any action to stop the Caravan from entering the US. A meeting at the White House on immigration devolved into a shouting match yesterday between Chief of Staff John Kelly and National Security Advisor John Bolton. The Chief of Staff, a General himself, did not want the President to deploy the military.

We can also now confirm that the United Nations has gotten involved and is helping these migrants craft their asylum claims. We donate more than any other country to the United Nations and now, these globalist bureaucrats are trying to help the caravan navigate our immigration loopholes… UN agents were on the ground in Guatemala teaching the Caravan how to apply for travel visas to enter into Mexico. Now, more are being dispatched to help the caravan members craft their US asylum applications to game our system.

Just in the time since you started reading this, the caravan marched another half mile. Any of the migrants lucky enough to hop onto a bus or truck just traveled three and a half miles.

While Congress sits on its hands and refuses to act, the Caravan inches closer to our border.

Congress is blocking President Trump from cutting aid to these countries and refusing to allow him to call up the Guard or the military to secure the border. The President is doing everthing he possibly can, but our laws are specifically designed to keep the border wide open.

He needs your help right now!

Don't let the Dems and GOP protect these migrant caravans! Send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to shut down the border immediately!

These aren't refugees and this isn't a humanitarian crisis. This is a political march. This is an invasion.

If Honduras truly was as dangerous as the caravan claims, then they would have settled in Guatemala or Mexico. But these people aren't fleeing Honduras. They're celebrating their home country. They are waving Honduran flags, singing their national anthems, and screaming anti-Trump chants.

They want nothing more than to take their Honduran flags and plant them on American soil.

President Trump is doing everything he can to put a stop to this. But at every turn, the RINOs and Democrats in Congress are blocking him. All the while, the Caravan pushes forward. They will reach the border while you are sleeping tonight.

Donald Trump can't do it alone. The President of the United States needs your help to finish this.

It's now or never!

Please, help President Trump before it's too late! Send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to immediately shut down the southern border to block the caravan from entering!


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.