Breaking News: President Trump is mobilizing the military to stop the caravan and close the border!

The migrant caravan barreling towards the US-Mexico border has now swelled to over four thousand people. News reports indicate that more people are departing from Honduras to head north as well.

President Trump threatened to cut off aid to Central America yesterday. Honduras and Guatemala scrambled their police to break up the convoy. But once news broke that Congress would stop the President from following through, the caravan was miraculously allowed to continue on its way. It has traveled through Honduras, El Salvador, and now Guatemala.

The caravan just hit the border between Guatemala and Mexico. The only hope of stopping it? The Mexican police, one of the most corrupt law enforcement organizations on the planet. If they let the caravan through, then they have a clear path to the US border.

Trump isn't waiting. He is now mobilizing the military to completely close the border if the caravan is not stopped in its tracks!

It is absolutely shameful that it has come to this. For nearly two years, Republicans and Democrats have blocked border security legislation from reaching Pres. Trump's desk.

Now, we have an invading force making its way to the United States and the only tool that President Trump has left is to make this a military operation.

Don't let the GOP stall! Send your instantly delivered letter to Congress and FORCE them to fully secure the border and cut all aid to countries harboring these caravans!

Yesterday, a video went viral showing organizers handing wads of c.ash to the "migrants" in the caravan. Liberals immediately cried foul, saying that the political operatives were actually handing out instructions on how migrants can lie to US Border Patrol in order to get asylum. As if that was better?

Trump is threatening to deploy the military to stop the invasion, but already, the caravan's organizers have a solution. Instead of crossing the border in Texas, the illegal alien caravan is going to re-route towards California. California Governor Jerry Brown has already declared that he will not allow the California National Guard to be deployed as border security.

So, even if Trump calls up the guard and deploys them, the caravan can still cross into the US at the border in California! That is where the last caravan crossed this past April. The Border Patrol literally allowed migrants to scale the fence and climb into the country.

Trump threatened to cut off aid, and Congress said 'don't you dare." The President is now threatening to deploy the National Guard, and the Governor of California is refusing to comply and laying out the welcome mat to these invaders.

All of this is happening because Ryan and McConnell refuse to act!

Send your instant letter to Congress right now and order them to pass the Fund and Complete the Wall Act and not only build the wall, but cut foreign aid to these countries as well!

Nancy Pelosi said this week that if she takes over control of the House, she will never bargain over the wall. She doesn't care if that means Americans are victimized. They are just "collateral damage," in her words. Pelosi called the border wall a "manhood issue" for Trump. Yes, she is that stupid. 

This is the most important midterm issue. Members of Congress thought they could skate through the midterms on a "promise" to vote on immigration reform sometime after the election. They are just trying to string the American people along…

This caravan changes all of that. Pres. Trump is ordering Congress to take action or else face the consequences at the ballot box. Already, we are seeing Representatives like Mike Gaetz (R-FL) and Andy Biggs (R-AZ) taking action.

Biggs just introduced the Fund and Complete the Border Wall Act. Not only would it fully fund the border wall and border security, but it would do so by cutting foreign aid to countries every time one of their citizens is caught crossing the border. So whenever an illegal alien is caught crossing the border or arrested in the US illegally, their home country is docked two grand, which is then put into a fund to build and maintain the border wall.

With this bill, the project would be completely funded in less than a year. Not only that, but countries like Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras would actually have an incentive to stop illegal migrants from traveling here. If they continue to allow caravans to travel through their countries, they would lose billions in aid.

This is the solution. The bill is picking up steam in Congress. But these Conservative Congressmen need your help!

The Establishment wants nothing more than to leave the border open for as long as possible.

Those in Congressional leadership want to wait until after the midterms, once you have given up all of your leverage at the ballot box. In the meantime, foreign invaders are literally barreling towards the border.

President Trump is doing everything he can. But he can't do it alone!

Force them to vote on the bill now! Send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass the Fund and Complete the Wall Act to not only build the wall, but make countries like Mexico pay for it!

Finish this!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.