Breaking News: GOP leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have publicly announced that they will not let President Trump get the full border wall funding, especially not without giving into the Left's amnesty demands!

This past week, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy officially introduced a stunning piece of legislation. The Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act (HR 7059) would not only provide the full 23.4 billion Trump needs to construct the border wall, but it also includes Kate's Law and a ban on sanctuary cities and states!

And the best part? No amnesty at all!

McCarthy, who is running to be the next Speaker of the House, caught Democrats by surprise with the announcement. But apparently, he also caught the GOP leadership flat-footed too.

Paul Ryan was asked to respond to the announcement and he promised that there will be a "fight" over the border wall and that Republicans will "try" to get it funded. "We intend on having a full-fledged discussion about how to complete this mission of securing our border," Ryan told reporters.

That's a far cry from what he had been promising… Now, he will only promise that he will start a full-fledged discussion to get the bill passed.

McConnell, fresh off his Kavanaugh victory, is settling back into his role of sabotaging conservative legislation. Instead of allowing McCarthy's full funding bill to come to the floor, he is still moving forward with the Establishment plan to only provide 1.6 billion for border security. Conservatives in the Senate aren't even putting the full funding on the table. The debate is over whether to pas 1.6 billion or 5 billion. Even worse, practically all of that would go towards technology and hiring, not border barriers.

It didn't even take a week for the GOPers to start pushing back on the McCarthy bill… They want you just to settle for their surrender plan: partial border wall funding in exchange for full amnesty.

Say no!

Take a stand! Tell Congress that if they do not fully pass the McCarthy border wall funding bill, they will be removed from office!

To his credit, President Trump is doing everything he can to secure the border. Congress deliberately cut border wall funding from the past two budgets, but the Trump administration got creative in moving funds around.

For example, there are border wall construction projects taking place right now in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. But if you add all of these projects up, they are still only going to add dozens of miles of new walls to the southern border.

Take the border wall going up in Texas right now. It is only going to span four miles. That is all the Federal government is allowed to spend on. Any illegal alien who really wants to get into the United States just needs to walk two miles in either direction and they're into the country… It's pathetic how Congress has tied Pres. Trump's hands.

And now, the leadership wants to do it again.

Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), who nearly torpedoed the Kavanaugh confirmation with her 'no' vote, criticized McCarthy for going against the establishment's amnesty surrender plan. "This is kind of a new twist," she quipped.

Richard Shelby (R-AL), who chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee, said that McCarthy's proposal is impossible and said that there will only be 1.6 billion set aside for border enforcement. Remember, that isn't 1.6 billion just for border wall construction. Practically none of that would actually go towards construction of new walls.

The GOP is back to their surrendering ways. They think they can get away with this and still win re-election. They expect you to vote for them while they're still stabbing you in the back…

Fight back now before it's too late!

 Please, send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to fully fund the wall and border security, or else!

The border wall is a crucial component in the fight to secure the border. But McCarthy's bill would do so much more than that.

Kate's law would set mandatory minimums for any illegal alien criminal who is caught in the country after previously being deported. It's absolutely common sense.

It would also defund sanctuary cities and states. Any city or state that harbors illegal alien criminals would lose access to federal law enforcement grants. If they are refusing to enforce the law, why should American taxpayers fund their law enforcement agencies?

These proposals are so common sense, it is ludicrous that Congress hasn't passed them yet. But that's not the establishment's plan. McConnell has already said that both of these bills are dead on arrival in the Senate. The GOPers are refusing to pass any immigration bill unless it includes amnesty for all of Obama's "dreamer" illegal aliens.

The GOP thinks they can get away with this. They think they can stop the full border wall from being built and provide a pathway to citizenship to all of Obama's illegals.

Ryan and McConnell are asking you to trust that they'll do the right thing. But they'll only schedule the bills after you give up your power to remove them all from office. It's pathetically transparent.

President Trump is doing everything he possibly can, but he is running out of funding. He needs you to force Congress to pass the McCarthy bill!

Please, fight back! Tell Congress right now that if they do not pass the McCarthy bill and fully fund the border wall, you will remove them from office!

Never surrender,

Joe Otto
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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.