This is not a drill. Establishment Republicans just delivered a despicable demand to the White House.

Not only are they flat-out refusing to authorize funding for the border wall, but they are defunding the current border projects as well until Trump agrees to make Obama's amnesty executive orders permanent.

Just last month, a Federal Judge announced that he was preparing to dismantle Obama's illegal alien amnesty executive order because it is both illegal and unconstitutional.

Establishment Republicans are going all-in on their plan to save this unconstitutional program. 

Back in June, House Conservatives approved a bill that would have appropriated 5 billion for border wall construction. It would have given Trump all the funding he needs to build the wall over the next year.

The GOP establishment just shot it down. Mitch McConnell is now moving forward with voting on the Homeland Security Appropriations Act. It includes a paltry 38 million for "border barrier construction," which will go almost exclusively to repairing current border fencing. The Senate's version does practically nothing to secure the border.

When he learned the Senate's demands, Paul Ryan immediately caved and agreed to put the same exact bill to a vote in the House.

Instead, the GOP has given Trump an ultimatum. If he wants to secure the border, then he must make Obama's amnesty program permanent.

Please help stop the GOP's border wall betrayal! Tell Congress right now that you will remove any Congressman or Senator who blocks this border wall funding from reaching the President's desk!

Today is September 11. Obviously, this is a day dedicated to remembering all the heroes who sacrificed so much on that fateful day.

But it is also an opportunity to take stock in the programs designed to stop future attacks from happening.

While illegal immigrants have historically come from Central and South America, Border Patrol agents have noticed a disturbing trend. They are apprehending more and more illegal border crossers from the Middle East and Asia.

So far this year, Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Laredo Sector — just a small percentage of the border — have already apprehended 605 illegal aliens from Bangladesh alone. This is just one country. Agents in this sector have also reported capturing illegal aliens from Syria and Iraq. 

Earlier this year, an Arab man living in Mexico was arrested for trying to smuggle 6 Yemenis into the United States.

Our unsecured southern border is a national security risk and there is no better time to recognize this than today.

The GOP establishment is so committed to amnesty that they are deliberately keeping the border unsecured. They are not only blocking new funds from going to the border wall project, but pulling the funding from current construction taking place on the border right now.

The GOP is hammering President Trump and demanding that he relent and agree to let Congress wait until November to deal with immigration and the border wall. 

You can't put this fight off any longer. It has now reached your doorstep.

The vote in Congress to block the border wall is imminent!

Tell Congress that any Congressman or Senator who blocks the border wall will be removed from office!

The GOP is trying to sneak this through without you realizing. Instead of passing the appropriation bill for Homeland Security, they are going to pass a short-term "continuing resolution" to keep last year's funding levels in place.

Knowing they would never be able to get away with voting today to block the border wall, they are instead extending last year's Homeland Security funding bill… that explicitly blocked Trump from building the border wall.

They think you aren't smart enough to notice that this is the same thing.

But now you know and with that knowledge comes an obligation to act. We can stop this, but we have to fight back now.

Our message to Congress is simple: any Congressman or Senator who blocks the border wall funding, or allows the appropriations bill to pass without funding the wall, will be removed from office.

President Trump is pushing back with everything he's got, but he needs your help to finish this!

 Stop the GOP's border wall betrayal! Please, tell Congress right now that you will remove any Congressman or Senator who blocks this border wall funding from reaching the President's desk!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.