Just before Congress gaveled out of session in July, five articles of impeachment were formally introduced against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The push was led by the Freedom Caucus.

Mark Meadows could have made the resolution "privileged" and forced a vote on it then and there. But at the last minute, he chose not to.

At the time, it made no sense. By not filing a privileged resolution, Meadows would give the GOP leadership the power to decide when (or even if) a vote would happen.

Now, we know why he backed down.

The GOP threatened Meadows. If he forced a vote on impeaching Rosenstein in the House, the GOP deliberately would delay Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation in the Senate. That would, obviously, be catastrophic and Meadows was forced to back down.

We know this all because of leaked audio from a fundraiser. Rep. Devin Nunes — the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee — supports impeaching Rosenstein. But during a closed fundraiser, he accidentally admitted why the vote hasn't happened yet.

"So, if we actually vote to impeach, ok, what that does is that triggers the Senate to have to take it up," Nunes said. "Well, and you have to decide what you want right now because the Senate only has so much time."

This is straight from the Speaker's office. Ryan, McConnell, and the GOP leadership are threatening to derail a Supreme Court confirmation if Conservatives dare try to remove this deep state criminal from office.

The establishment is doing everything they can to block this resolution from receiving a vote. 

You must push back! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they bust through Ryan's obstruction and immediately impeach Rod Rosenstein!

All in all, House Conservatives have listed five high crimes and misdemeanors that Rosenstein has committed.

Article 1: Despite an abundance of evidence proving that Hillary Clinton, members of her campaign, and Obama administration officials broke the law and conspired to let the Clintons off the hook, Rod Rosenstein has refused to appoint a second Special Prosecutor to investigate. Even when Robert Mueller had the opportunity to charge Clinton campaign members with crimes, he has instead chosen to grant them immunity.

Article 2: Despite being served with multiple lawful subpoenas, Rod Rosenstein has defied Congress' oversight power and refused to hand over documents pertaining to the Obama administration's investigations against the Trump campaign.

Article 3: When subpoenaed documents were handed over to Congress, they were fraudulently altered and redacted to conceal key details from Congress. Rosenstein and his aides abused national security exemptions to redact information that had nothing to do with national security. 

Article 4: After Jeff Sessions recused himself from any 2016 Campaign-related investigation, Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. However, Rosenstein gave Mueller a memo expanding his scope beyond the 2016 campaign to include areas that Jeff Sessions did not recuse himself from (ie Paul Manafort's mid-2000s tax filings). Congress has subpoenaed the memo and Rosenstein has refused to deliver an un-redacted copy.

Article 5: Rod Rosenstein oversaw the abuse of the FISA system as a means to spy on Trump campaign advisors. When asked under oath whether he had even read the FISA surveillance application before signing it, Rosenstein refused to answer. Anyone who authorizes the Federal government to spy on an American without even reading the application is unfit to hold any office.

Rosenstein is guilty of all of this. When it comes to withholding subpoenaed documents, that is actually criminal. Other violations may not be crimes in and of themselves, but they have eroded the public's confidence in Rosenstein.

I can't tell you how many emails we got over the past couple months telling us that articles of impeachment against Rosenstein would never be introduced. 

Well, the articles have now been formally introduced and the only reason there hasn't been a vote is because Ryan and McConnell are blocking it!

Tell Congress right now that if they will not impeach Rod Rosenstein immediately, you will hold them complicit in his crimes.

President Trump is working behind the scenes to release the documents that Rosenstein refuses to release. Trump personally released the FISA application and as a result, disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok was just fired this week.

There is a reason that Rosenstein is obstructing this Congressional investigation. He knows that if he releases the evidence, not only will he lose his job, but dozens of other FBI and DOJ officials will be fired too.

He would rather protect the corrupt elements than do what is right.

And the GOP leadership is so terrified of having to hold them accountable, that they are actually threatening to leave the Supreme Court seat vacant if Conservatives push for impeachment…

We are so close. The articles of impeachment have been filed. We have even establishment Republicans going on the record saying that they will vote for it. All we need to do now is bust through the GOP leadership's blockade!

You MUST push back! Send your instant message to Congress and demand an immediate vote on the articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

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