When Barack Obama created his DACA amnesty program, he created it out of thin air. He had tried to push his Dream Act through Congress, but Congress rejected it. Instead of accepting his loss, Obama used an executive order to grant 700k+ illegal aliens with amnesty and work permits. 

Obama had absolutely no right to do this and even he admitted that without Congressional action, the program could be overturned in a minute by any future President.

That is exactly what Trump did. He announced an end to new and renewal amnesty applications because Obama had exceeded his constitutional and legal authority. That is the President's prerogative. 

Liberals immediately filed lawsuits, claiming that Obama had given illegal aliens a right to be in the US and that Trump could not simply take that away.

One activist Federal judge just agreed with the Left and ordered the Trump administration to completely restart the amnesty program.

Judge John Bates ruled that while President Trump has the power to end the DACA program, he didn't provide the court with a 'good enough reason' to end it. So, Judge Bates has ordered the administration to start accepting new amnesty applications immediately.

Congress rejected this amnesty plan when they shot down the Dream Act. President Trump ordered the unconstitutional amnesty program ended. But even though it has been rejected by both the Legislative and Executive branches, one lone activist Federal judge now believes he has the power to rewrite our immigration laws.

Stop this amnesty once and for all! Tell Congress right now that they MUST shut down this amnesty program for good and kill every amnesty amendment that the GOP is trying to sneak through!

This is absolute lunacy. One Federal judge believes he has the power to reinstate a rescinded executive order.

But do you want to know what is even crazier? Republicans in Congress were one step ahead of him.

As we have reported, Establishment Republicans have succeeded in slipping an amendment into the House of Representatives' Homeland Security spending bill. If the amendment survives and is passed into law, this single sentence will prohibit any Federal funds from being used to deport amnesty recipients.

This Federal Judge is abusing his power. But even if his ridiculous ruling is overturned, Republicans in Congress are rushing to change the law to protect all illegal alien amnesty recipients. Even the people who came into the United States as "temporary refugees" would be protected from arrest or deportation.

There is a massive surrender happening behind the scenes and the GOP thinks they can win before Conservatives are able to rally to stop them. The liberal lunacy is happening in the House Appropriations Committee. All of their actions are relatively small, but when put together, they amount to a complete surrender on immigration.

The committee approved an amendment to make it easier for illegal aliens to claim asylum. Instead of having to show proof that they are being targeted for religious or political reasons, illegal aliens would be able to get asylum simply by claiming to be victims of gang or domestic violence without having to show any proof. Rep. Kevin Yoder passed this amendment by a voice vote so we have no record of how each member voted.

Instead of being incarcerated and rushed before a judge, the House Appropriations Committee has also approved a measure to restore the Obama-era catch and release program. So even if investigators are able to eventually prove that these asylum seekers are lying, it would be too late. Border Patrol would be required to release the illegals immediately into American society. Again, the GOP passed this by a voice vote so that we can't know which Republicans stabbed us in the back.

Once in the US, thanks to this Judge's ruling, the illegal aliens could start applying for amnesty. And if they are accepted, the GOP is pushing a measure to shield them from arrest or deportation

This is far worse than anything Obama could have even dreamed up!

You can stop this massive amnesty surrender before it's too late! Please, send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to strip all of these amnesty amendments from the spending bills!

When Obama first signed his amnesty executive order, then-Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell promised that they would take action once all legal fights were exhausted.

A Federal judge has now ruled that Obama's amnesty program must remain, but instead of taking action to overturn it, the GOP is just letting it happen. 

The Republican leadership knows they have no hope of passing their massive amnesty plan as a standalone bill. They tried earlier this year and failed miserably.

So, they are introducing individual amnesty measures as amendments to spending bills. These bills usually end up being hundreds, or even thousands, of pages long by the time they reach the floor. The GOP leadership is hoping they can hide these one-sentence provisions deep within the bills and that if Conservatives do discover them, it will be too late to stop them.

But it is not too late to stop them. Congress must pass these spending packages by September 30. We still have time to beat them, but we have to act fast!

Kill this amnesty surrender before it's too late! Please, send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill these amnesty provisions, by any means necessary!

We're running out of time,

Joe Otto
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Max McGuire

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