News just broke that Robert Mueller is giving immunity to key Clinton aides in exchange for their testimony against former-Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort. This is absolutely gross.

For months, we have pointed out how ridiculous it is for an investigation about Russian "collusion" to be targeting Manafort for financial and lobbying crimes. Each time, we are told that Mueller is instructed to prosecute all crimes he uncovers during the course of his investigation.

Well, now we know just how biased Robert Mueller is. He has evidence that the campaign chairmen for both the Clinton and Trump campaigns broke the same law. But instead of prosecuting both of them, he is giving the Clinton aide a get-out-of-jail-free card.

The whole thing was a sham from the beginning…

Shut this down now! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pass the DeSantis Amendment and pull the plug on Mueller's witch hunt!

Paul Manafort was Donald Trump's campaign chairman for a total of three months. He was brought in to specifically handle the convention process and serve as a delegate wrangler. Remember, this is when NeverTrumpers were trying to organize to block Trump from winning the nomination. This is a role Manafort has played in the past for the Reagan and George H.W. Bush campaigns.

He is now the main target of the Robert Mueller investigation. Mueller is going after Manafort with everything he's got, hoping that he can force him to turn against President Trump.

To do this, Mueller is basically prosecuting the man for every crime he can think of. He went through Manafort's mortgage application and found a discrepancy, so he's prosecuting him for it. Mueller dove into Manafort's past tax returns and noticed that he didn't declare all of his income, so he's prosecuting him for that too.

But the most ridiculous charge is for a FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) violation. When an American does lobbying work for a foreign government, they are supposed to register with the Justice Department as a lobbyist. For a couple years in the early 2000s, Manafort worked on behalf of the Ukrainian government. Mueller discovered that he failed to submit the proper lobbyist registration forms. Instead of registering with the DOJ, Manafort had registered with Congress under a different statute.

No one gets prosecuted for this. In the entire history of this law, we've found just 9 cases where someone was charged with failing to register as a foreign agent. In almost all of those cases, the charge was either dismissed, dropped, or the defendant faced nothing but a fine. Mueller, however, is going for blood.

But Manafort wasn't working alone on that Ukrainian contract. He was also working with the Podesta Group. If that name sounds familiar, it should. John Podesta was the Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign. It was his emails that were released by Wikileaks. Before becoming a Clinton advisor, John Podesta worked with his brother Tony and Paul Manafort on foreign lobbying contracts.

Under the letter of the law, John and Tony Podesta also failed to register as foreign agents. When Mueller originally charged Manafort, the Podestas realized they were probably next. They released a two-page letter apologizing for the mistake and attempting to retroactively register under the law. Basically, they delivered a signed confession to the Justice Department that they broke the law.

Did Mueller prosecute them? No. Well, now we know why… Robert Mueller is granting the Podesta's immunity in exchange for testimony against Paul Manafort. All three of these men broke the law and committed the same crime, but the ones who worked on the Clinton campaign will get immunity and the man who worked for Trump will be thrown in jail.

This out of control witch hunt must be stopped!

Shut this down now! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pass the DeSantis Amendment and pull the plug on Mueller's witch hunt!

This is a textbook definition of bias. Mueller doesn't need the Podesta's to testify. Technically, Manafort did not register as the law requires. It's an open-and-shut case, with or without the Podesta testimony. But, Mueller is giving them immunity. His only goal is to destroy Donald Trump and his advisors.

Why? Because Trump had the gall to win the election…

We've been saying this for months. If Mueller wants to investigate collusion, why isn't he investigating the Clintons for Uranium One? Why isn't he investigating the Clintons for literally colluding with a foreign spy to create the fake dossier? Why isn't he prosecuting the Clintons for violating Federal election laws by not reporting the dossier payments? The answer is simple. Mueller's not allowed to go after the Clinton's or their friends.

Right now, he could prosecute the Podesta brothers and send them both to prison, but he is giving them immunity because he'd rather go after Trump's advisor instead. Justice is supposed to be blind but it is now undeniable: the Mueller probe is compromised beyond repair.

Trump can't shut this fraud down. Only Congress can pull the plug and send Robert Mueller packing and only you can demand it!

Shut this down now! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pass the DeSantis Amendment and pull the plug on Mueller's witch hunt!

The lead prosecutor handling the Manafort case is Andrew Weissmann. As you might remember, Weissmann's name has come up before. On election night, he attended Hillary Clinton's "party" at the Javits Center in New York. When Hillary Clinton refused to concede, he watched as John Podesta took the stage to tell all the crying Clinton supporters to go home.

Now, this man is recommending immunity for Podesta and his brother. The bias is astonishing.

Here's the good news: The stars have aligned perfectly for us to take Mueller down.

Congress is set to vote on HR 5952, the Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act. This one bill will decide how the Justice Department will be allowed to spend our taxdollars next year.

The Freedom Caucus is trying to seize this moment by slipping a one-page amendment into the bill. Written by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), this amendment would cut off all funding to Department of Justice Order 3915-2017. That is the order that appointed Robert Mueller in the first place.

Pass this amendment and Mueller's team wouldn't even be allowed to restock their post-it notes, let alone grant the Podesta's immunity…

This is our chance. The stars truly have aligned. Congress is starting to debate this funding bill just as the news broke that Mueller is granting these Clinton advisors immunity.

Mueller believes he is untouchable. Let's bring him back down to earth!

We need to hit this with everything we've got! Please, send your instant and urgent FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pass the DeSantis Amendment and pull the plug on Mueller's witch hunt!


Joe Otto
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