Last week, Paul Ryan accidentally stumbled onto a good idea. He scheduled a vote on the Left's bill to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

What was remarkable was that the very Democrats who authored and co-sponsored the Abolish ICE bill all of a sudden declared that they would not vote for it. They were terrified of actually having to vote for the radical legislation they created.

Paul Ryan had won. He was going to get all of the radical leftists to vote against their own proposal.

Then, out of nowhere, Ryan cancelled the vote. He needs Democrats to get his latest amnesty bill through and the last thing he wants to do is turn them off.

We had a chance for a major victory and Paul Ryan gave it away to keep his amnesty dreams alive. It's shameful.

Today, the entire GOP caucus is meeting behind closed doors to figure out a path forward on immigration. Ryan and McConnell already have a bill they want to push and it would make Barack Obama's catch and release program at the border permanent.

They must be stopped!

Don't let them make Obama's border policy permanent! Please tell Congress right now that they must kill the Ryan-McConnell catch-and-release bill or else be removed from office!

Trump's policy has been the right one. If illegal aliens cross the border into the United States, they should be treated like criminals, not heroes. As such, the Trump administration has imposed a policy of "zero tolerance." 

If someone illegally crosses the border, they are arrested and detained until they can be deported. When Trump first came into office, illegal border crossings plummeted. Over time, however, illegals and human traffickers discovered the loophole: If they show up to the border with a child in tow, they would be released with a court date instead of imprisoned.

When illegals started exploiting that loophole, Trump decided to close it. His administration declared that having a child would no longer be a get-out-of-jail-free card. Adults were separated from children, which makes total sense. Considering how many of the illegal aliens in jail are there for crimes like child sex trafficking, it makes no sense to put children in those adult jails.

Well, liberal activist judges disagreed. Multiple federal judges issued nationwide injunctions to prohibit Trump from separating any more illegal alien families. They ordered the President to start reuniting illegal alien families, even in instances where the adults weren't even the child's biological parent…

But now, we just got an even more radical ruling. District Judge Dana Sabraw just ruled that the Trump administration cannot deport these reunited illegal alien families. This is complete amnesty. What this judge just told the entire world is that if you can show up at the southern border with a child in tow, not only will you be released into American society, but you will be safe from deportation too.

Believe it or not, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell want to go one step further. They want to take this Judge's asinine ruling and cement it into US law. 

Don't let this happen! Please tell Congress right now that they must kill the Ryan-McConnell catch-and-release bill or else be removed from office!

Ryan had a chance to put Democrats on the spot. They would either vote for their radical Abolish ICE bill or show the world that they never actually meant it.

But the GOP leadership would rather let them off the hook to preserve a "compromise" on immigration.

This radical bill would truly create open borders. It would ensure that every single illegal alien who shows up to the border with a child would be automatically released. 

In just the past couple weeks, the Trump administration has caught dozens of hardened criminals trying to cross the border with abducted children. Those who aren't caught by Border Patrol end up leaving the children alone in the desert to die. Just last week, Border Patrol rescued a 3-year-old who was left to die in the Rio Grande River by smugglers.

If this Ryan-McConnell open border amnesty bill passes, not only will it lead to a surge in illegal immigration, but it will also lead to more cases like this where children are abducted, used to cross the border, and then left to die. This is quite simply bad policy.

The Republicans are meeting today for their weekly caucus meeting. This bill is on the agenda. They only need 25 Republicans to sign onto it before they can pass it with the Democrats.

We can't ignore this any longer. It is time to fight back now before it's too late!

Stop this surrender right now! Please, send your instant message to Congress right now and DEMAND they kill the Ryan-McConnell catch-and-release bill or else be removed from office!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.