What an incredible turn of events. 

You know the Left's new plan to abolish ICE, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency? Paul Ryan just agreed to hold a vote on it. 

Yea, pretty crazy. He says that he wants to put the Democrats on record for their far Left position, but this isn't the only liberal immigration bill he's working on.

Ryan and McConnell are both working with Democrats on a bill to make Barack Obama's catch-and-release policy permanent at the Southern Border. 

That's right: they claim they have the votes to cement Obama's catch-and-release program into US law.

Stop the Republican leadership from surrendering the country! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to kill the Ryan-McConnell catch-and-release amnesty bill before it's too late!

This is how immigration worked under the Obama administration: When an illegal alien crossed the border, they would seek out Border Patrol and ask for asylum. The agents would book them and give them a notice to appear before an immigration judge on a certain date for a hearing. Then, the illegal alien would be released into society. 

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of these catch-and-release illegals never bothered showing up to their deportation hearings. The whole thing was just one big open borders sham.

When Pres. Trump came into office, he did away with it. Under his zero tolerance program, all illegal aliens were detained upon capture. No more catch-and-release.

The Leftist media found a way to combat this by going after the policy of family separation. It is against Federal law to incarcerate children in the same facilities as adults. Considering that many of the detained illegal aliens were arrested for child sex trafficking, it would be a horrible idea to house illegal alien children in the same facilities as them.

So, President Trump started separating the parents from the children. Its terrible that it came to that, but not at all different from what happens to American families. When mommy and daddy break the law, we don't send the children to jail too.

This month, a Federal judge ordered that the Trump administration reunite these children with their families and release them. Unlike Obama, all of these illegal aliens were fitted with GPS ankle monitors to make sure they don't disappear.

There were 103 children under the age of five that were separated from their families. Of those, however, there are 45 that cannot be given back to their "parents." That's because most of them didn't actually enter the country with a biological parent. They were trafficked in by a criminal who knew that if he had a child with him, he would be released into the country under the catch-and-release policy. 

Other children couldn't be returned because, while they may have entered with their parent, their mother or father is a violent criminal. We're talking about people arrested for kidnapping, rape, child cruelty, and even murder.

Under the Obama administration, these violent criminals would have been released into American society with their "child," never to be seen again. And that is exactly what Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell want to bring us back to.

The GOP establishment is working on a bill right now that would return us to that asinine policy. Ryan and McConnell believe they have the votes to make catch-and-release a permanent program written into US law. When the Abolish ICE bill fails, this will be the "compromise" that they offer the Left.

They just can't stop pushing for amnesty…

Don't let Ryan and McConnell surrender the country! Send your instant message to Congress and demand they kill the Ryan-McConnell catch-and-release amnesty bill before it's too late!

They say that a lie can get around the world before the truth has a chance to put on its boots. 

For weeks, all we heard about was the plight of the separated illegal alien children. Now, we know that many of these children were being trafficked. They were either brought into the country by a complete stranger or by their felon parents.

That doesn't seem to affect Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell. They are so committed to doing something on immigration, that they are willing to make catch-and-release permanent.

Under the Obama catch-and-release program, hundreds of thousands of illegal alien criminals were released into American society. Right now, there are at least 124 catch-and-release illegal aliens who have been charged with, or are wanted for, homicide.

This program was literally killing Americans and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell want to compromise to make it permanent. 

This is happening right now and it's happening fast. Don't let them get away with this!

 Don't let Ryan and McConnell surrender the country! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to kill the Ryan-McConnell catch-and-release amnesty bill before it's too late!

Help stop them,

Joe Otto
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