The Russia witch hunt has been going on for two years. Mueller's witch hunt has existed for the last year.

They have produced absolutely no evidence of collusion whatsoever. Mueller tried to expand into an obstruction investigation after Trump fired James Comey, but the Inspector General confirmed that Comey's firing was completely justified.

What is Mueller looking for? Literally anything that can destroy the President. Even if it has nothing to do with the 2016 election.

Take Paul Manafort. He was brought in to the campaign to handle the convention process, the same work he did for Ronald Reagan. He's facing well over a dozen charges not for his campaign work, but for a bunch of technicalities from years ago. One of the charges is that he lied on a mortgage application years before ever working on the Trump campaign.

Right now, Manafort is being held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. This is unheard of for a non-violent criminal who hasn't even received a trial yet. Mueller is trying to break Manafort to get him to turn on President Trump. It's absolutely shameful.

Unable to prove collusion or obstruction, Mueller should be winding down. Instead, he is hiring new prosecutors and investigators at a record pace!

He will not rest until he destroys the President, even if it's for something as stupid as jaywalking…

 Tell Congress that they MUST pull the plug on Mueller's out-of-control witch hunt and appoint a special prosecutor to go after the Clinton and Obama crimes!

We saw another shameful case out of the DOJ. Remember Imran Awan, the IT staffer for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who was caught hacking into Congressional servers and stealing IT equipment. When he was caught, the Feds arrested him when he was trying to flee to Pakistan.

This week, he pled guilty… to one count of bank fraud. No, they're not charging him with espionage for trying to steal Congressional data and hand it over to America's enemies. He pled guilty to bank fraud and the DOJ agreed to grant him immunity for all of his espionage crimes.

So here we have Mueller hunting day-in and day-out to charge Trump and his allies with any crime he can think of, while an actual spy who was caught illegally hacking into Congressional databases and "funneling data off the network" gets a free pass.

Now, Mueller is demanding that Trump sit down for an interrogation. The goal, obviously, is to get the President talking and catch him in a lie or even a half-truth that they can use for impeachment. That is their end goal.

Seeing what is happening, the Trump White House pushed back and has now refused to even consider talking to Mueller unless they lay their cards on the table. Mueller is now threatening to subpoena the President and force him to testify.

Mueller hasn't produced one shred of evidence of collusion and the narrative that Trump "obstructed justice" by firing James Comey was completely dismantled by DOJ Inspector General Micheal Horowitz. And he wants to expand his investigation even further?

 Tell Congress that they MUST pull the plug on Mueller's out-of-control witch hunt and appoint a special prosecutor to go after the Clinton and Obama crimes!

We know that the Trump-Russia investigation was rigged from the start. We know that Peter Strzok — the man who originally signed off on the investigation — was hopelessly biased against the President. 

There would not be a Mueller probe without Peter Strzok's anti-Trump bias. We are looking at the "insurance policy" that Strzok had promised. If Trump won, he was prepared to bog him down under the weight of the witch hunt.

President Trump has taken to twitter and literally begged you to put pressure on Congress Justice to shut this witch hunt down and turn their focus on the real criminals in this story (the Clintons and Obama).

The Department of Justice won't act. The FBI won't act. They're both implicated in all of this.

Robert Mueller won't go after these clear crimes. He's more interested in targeting Trump. He was appointed to investigate Trump-Russia collusion and after a whole year, Mueller is now prosecuting Manafort's mortgage crimes dating back to 2003.

Mueller has jumped the rails and now he wants to hire more prosecutors?

Our best bet is for Congress to pass the DeSantis Amendment. This is a one-page bill that would completely defund Mueller's probe. If the amendment passes, Mueller wouldn't even be able to use taxpayer funds to restock office supplies…

It is up to Congress to stop this and that means it is up to YOU to force them to act!

Please, tell Congress right now that they MUST pull the plug on Mueller's out-of-control witch hunt and appoint a special prosecutor to go after the Clinton and Obama crimes!


Joe Otto
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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.