We have been pressuring Congress around the clock to move forward with Contempt of Congress and impeachment against Deep Stater Rod Rosenstein.

In the past week, we have sent more FaxBlasts to Congress on this than on any other issue in the past 6 years. This is huge.

So, it is not a surprise that we are seeing Conservatives in Congress continue to press this and demand a vote to remove Rod Rosenstein from office.

Devin Nunes — the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee — broke his silence yesterday, announcing that if Rod Rosenstein does not comply with the subpoena for documents today, he will be held in Contempt of Congress on Wednesday.

"If documents do not begin to be turned over tomorrow, and a clear way and path forward for everything else is not clear… There's going to be hell to pay by Wednesday morning," Rosenstein declared.

Trey Gowdy woke up and announced that he would use the "full arsenal of Constitutional weapons" to go after Rosenstein. That includes impeachment.

Your pressure has also forced Paul Ryan to relent as well. On Friday, Ryan met with the FBI and DOJ to issue a final warning that if they do not produce the subpoenaed documents on their efforts to spy on the Trump campaign, there will be action in Congress.

But here is the catch. Ryan has threatened Congressional action, but has not clarified what that meant. We have received word that Ryan wants to censure Rod Rosenstein. In other words, he wants to give him a slap on the wrist and basically scold him.

Ryan is adamantly refusing to allow an impeachment vote to move forward. He is deliberately tying Conservatives' hands behind their backs and keeping most tools off the table.

Nunes is openly defying the Speaker and promising Contempt and Impeachment votes this week if Rod Rosenstein continues covering for the Deep State's crimes. Rosenstein thinks that he has Paul Ryan's protection. It is us to prove him wrong!

The vote has been scheduled! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to impeach Rod Rosenstein for his crimes!

Last week came with a true bombshell. The DOJ Inspector General's report detailed wide-ranging political bias in the FBI for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump.

One of the texts that the IG released was Peter Strzok — the head of the Clinton email and Russia investigations — promising that "we will stop [Trump]" from winning.

Yes, that bias calls into question the legitimacy of all of the FBI's actions. But here is the real kicker.

Rod Rosenstein withheld this text from Congressional investigators. He handed over all of the other Strzok-Page texts from that exchange, but this 'smoking gun' was completely and deliberately hidden. That is illegal. Congress subpoenaed these documents and Rosenstein allowed his agents to hide the smoking gun evidence.

This man has no business serving as the number two in the Department of Justice. But it is even worse than that. Because of Jeff Sessions' recusal, Rosenstein is now in charge of managing Robert Mueller's witch hunt. And he is openly defying Congressional subpoenas.

For the past week, Devin Nunes — the Congressman with the power to schedule an impeachment vote — has refused to use the "i" word. He's mostly talked about charging Rosenstein with Contempt of Congress.

But now, Rosenstein is openly talking about impeachment. The articles of impeachment have been drafted and, unless the Deep State starts cooperating with Congressional investigators, the vote will be on Wednesday.

Now, it is up to you to FORCE Congress to pass it!

Don't let Ryan sabotage this! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND that they impeach Rod Rosenstein for his crimes!

This is our chance, to not only remove Rod Rosenstein from power, but also to go after these Deep State criminals and rein in the Mueller witch hunt.

Paul Ryan is desperate to give Rosenstein a slap on the wrist. We have an opportunity, right now, to remove him from office.

Nunes will hold the impeachment vote in committee on Wednesday if Rosenstein doesn't hand over everything today.

You helped get it this far. You helped to get a Contempt and Impeachment vote scheduled. Now it is up to us to push it across the finish line!

We took this country back from the Democrats. We are taking this country back from the GOP cowards. Now it is time to purge the Deep State!

If we fall one or two votes short, then all of this will be for nothing. 

Now is the time to fight with everything we've got and FORCE this Congress to impeach this Deep State saboteur!

Please, tell Congress right now that if they will not impeach Rod Rosenstein for Contempt of Congress, they will be removed from office!

We are so close,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.

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