Rep. Devin Nunes gave Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein a Tuesday deadline. If he did not comply with the Congressional subpoena and hand over the evidence of the Obama administration's efforts to spy on the Trump campaign, he would be held in Contempt of Congress for obstructing the investigation. The next step would be impeachment and removal from office.

Tuesday came and went and Rosenstein didn't hand over the documents. Instead, he is keeping with his plan to only let the GOP and Democratic leadership look at the documents on Thursday.

Rod Rosenstein believes he is above the law. But now, the GOP leaders are blocking Devin Nunes from making good on his Contempt/Impeachment threat. Paul Ryan is refusing to let Rod Rosenstein be held accountable. 

Ryan and the rest of the GOP establishment want to let Rosenstein and the Deep State off the hook for their crimes.

They must be stopped!

No more games! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to hold Rod Rosenstein in Contempt and remove him from office, or else be removed themselves!

This really is cut and dry. The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee served the Deputy Attorney General with a subpoena for documents. Rod Rosenstein is flat-out refusing to comply with the subpoena. He is openly obstructing a Congressional investigation.

The irony is actually kind of hilarious.

Rosenstein is the one who wrote the memo to President Trump recommending that James Comey be fired. Rosenstein then appointed Robert Mueller and overseeing Mueller's investigation into whether Trump obstructed justice by taking his recommendation to fire Comey.

Yet, here is a case where Rosenstein is literally obstructing a Congressional investigation and defying a subpoena. And as we have just learned, Rosenstein even threatened Congressional staffers with subpoenas if they didn't stop their investigations. Rosenstein literally threatened House GOP staffers and made them fear for their families. This man is dirty.

Conservatives in Congress are now rising up. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) declared that Rosenstein's intimidation and stone-walling tactics have "gone too far." Congressmen Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows are also demanding that Rosenstein be held accountable as well. 

It is time to go after him with everything we've got.

Congress has a lot of powers here that Paul Ryan is refusing to let Nunes and the Freedom Caucus use.

Under the law, Congress has the authority to "compel" people to comply with subpoenas. They can even use the Sergeant at Arms to seize subpoenaed records and even arrest subjects if they hinder an investigation. Subpoenaed witnesses who refuse to testify can even be incarcerated in a jail cell beneath Congress and they can be kept there until they agree to comply or the current Congress ends (which would be in January).

Individuals who are held in Contempt of Congress are referred directly to the US Attorney's Office for prosecution and if none of this works, Congress has the ultimate power to impeach government officials to remove them from office entirely.

Rosenstein is defying Congress because he knows that Paul Ryan won't let anyone touch him. This man is in charge the witch hunt against President Trump — where Mueller is desperately searching for something to get the President with — and yet Rosenstein himself if flagrantly violating the law.

Nunes gave the Deep State a deadline. That deadline came and went without Rosenstein complying. 

It is time to hold him accountable for this crime!

Deadline passed. Tell Congress that if they will not hold Rosenstein in Contempt and Impeach him for obstruction, they will be replaced with someone who will!

We cannot allow Paul Ryan, or anyone else for that matter, to keep these Deep State criminals in power.

I am calling on all likeminded Conservatives to stand up and DEMAND that Congress hold Rod Rosenstein in Contempt of Congress for defying this lawful subpoena and impeach him for his obstruction!

We have a chance, right now, to unravel the Deep State's efforts to stop President Trump from governing. Not only would Rosenstein's removal allow President Trump to appoint someone else to regulate the Mueller witch hunt, but it would put a stop to the DOJ's efforts to cover for the Deep State's crimes.

The President has given Conservatives in Congress the green light to go after Rosenstein for obstruction. The Articles of Impeachment have already been written and approved. Chairman Nunes gave the DOJ one last chance to comply with the subpoena and Rosenstein spit in his face.

Now Paul Ryan wants to protect him? Not a chance.

Time's up! Please, send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND that they hold Rosenstein in Contempt and impeach him for obstruction, or else be removed from office!

Fight back,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.