Breaking News: The GOP is using Trump's summit with Kim Jung Un as cover to push their horrible amnesty plan!

For years, we have stood at the front line holding Congress accountable and stopping them from selling us out on immigration.

When Barack Obama wanted his Dream Act passed, the GOP was eager to give him what he wanted. We held the line and bombarded John Boehner with millions of FaxBlasts demanding he back down. We succeeded.

The same goes for then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He tried to push amnesty through and we buried Congress. We succeeded.

Earlier this year, Paul Ryan announced he would not seek re-election. Within a day, he had met with amnesty advocates and promised to pass an amnesty bill before leaving office. That is what he wants his legacy to be.

Now, we know what he is pushing. We just received word from Congressional sources that the Ryan plan would extend amnesty to all "Dreamers," not just those who had applied for Obama's amnesty program. Under the Ryan plan, these 3.6M illegal aliens who entered the US as children would get amnesty, be put on a pathway to citizenship, and would then be able to get amnesty for their parents.

This is called chain migration and is more than Obama ever hoped for. If these illegal alien parents are already in the US, they would be fast-tracked to legal status. If the parents live abroad, they would be able to cut the line and immigrate here.

This isn't an immigration bill. This is a legalized invasion.

Trump made his position clear. Any immigration bill, in addition to fully funding the wall, must end the policy of chain migration. Ryan is now introducing a bill that would grant amnesty to almost 10 million illegals.

Please, don't let Paul Ryan and the GOP surrender on amnesty! Send your message to Congress and FORCE them to stop Obama's Dream Act amnesty bill from coming to the floor!

The GOP traitors gave Ryan a deadline. Either schedule a vote on an amnesty bill by Tuesday (today) or else they would team up with Democrats to bypass the GOP leadership and schedule a vote on their own.

This process is called a discharge. If 218 Congressmen — the magic number to pass legislation — sign onto a bill, they can force a vote on it. There is a similar process in the Senate as well. Right now, the discharge petition has 215 signatures with at least four other Republicans promising to sign on if Ryan doesn't surrender and give them what they want.

Ryan is trying to stop this from happening not because he wants to stop amnesty, but because he does not want to be embarrassed with a discharge petition. In his final months in office, Ryan's only interest is building a monument to himself.

Pro-amnesty Republicans met with Paul Ryan to give him the ultimatum in person. They are prepared to team up with Nancy Pelosi to get amnesty passed and threatened to go down that path if Ryan didn't relent.

They left that meeting with smiles on their faces. Ryan agreed to give them what they want. The bill Ryan is pushing would go farther than Obama and the Democrats ever could have dreamed of. And Ryan is demanding that Trump sign it.

Instead of backing down, Trump is doing the opposite. He just approved even more border wall projects in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. He has mobilized the National Guard to help secure the border. But most importantly Trump is threatening to shutdown the government if Paul Ryan surrenders like this.

The President is doing everything he can. But now it is time for Conservatives to rise up as well!

 Please, don't let Paul Ryan and the GOP surrender on amnesty! Send your message to Congress and FORCE them to stop Obama's Dream Act amnesty bill from coming to the floor!

Ryan's deadline is today. 

The pro-amnesty wing of the GOP is demanding he cave to their demands. Otherwise, they have the votes to team up with Pelosi to get what they want.

Ryan's plan is to put this to an up-or-down vote among Republicans. If 25 GOPers support the amnesty, then Ryan will schedule a vote. If the party rejects it, then Ryan still gets what he wants because the Democrats will still have the necessary votes to push it through with a discharge petition.

Paul Ryan should be fighting this, but he has given up. The GOP is pushing this now and hoping that since the media is covering the North Korea summit, you won't see what they're doing.

But now you know and with that knowledge comes a responsibility to act!

Today is the deadline. This is it. The entire immigration fight comes down to this.

Please, don't let Paul Ryan and the GOP surrender on amnesty! Send your message to Congress and FORCE them to stop Obama's Dream Act amnesty bill from coming to the floor!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily



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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.