Congressman Devin Nunes, the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, just gave Rod Rosenstein and the Deep State a deadline.

Either they hand over the documents that Congress has subpoenaed by tomorrow or Nunes will hold Rosenstein and his deep state accomplices in Contempt of Congress. The next step will be to impeach them and remove them from office.

Nunes' announcement caught Paul Ryan by surprise. As we told you last week, Ryan had struck a deal with the DOJ to let him and the Congressional leadership (Pelosi+Schumer+McConnell) to view the documents in private. He has been trying desperately to save these Deep State officials, even trying to save them from being impeached.

But the fact of the matter is that Rosenstein openly defied multiple Congressional subpoenas for documents. That is a crime.

Last week, we sent a quarter million FaxBlasts to Congress demanding that Rosenstein be impeached for defying these lawful subpoenas.

You helped pressure Devin Nunes into taking a stand and setting this deadline. But now the GOP is hard at work to pressure him into standing down. We cannot let that happen!

Tell Congress to hold the line! Send your instant message and FORCE them to hold Rod Rosenstein and the rest of his deep state allies in contempt and impeach them!

We know that the FBI and DOJ did everything in their power to help Hillary Clinton win. And when Donald Trump won, it is becoming pretty clear that those same agents worked behind the scenes to try to take Donald Trump down.

Congress subpoenaed the DOJ to hand over all of its relevant documents on the Trump-Russia investigation. Rod Rosenstein has simply said, "No."

He will let establishment Republicans and Democrats look at the documents, but he is refusing to comply with the subpoena. He knows that if he hands over the evidence, Congress will see just how corrupt and biased the Trump-Russia witch hunt has been.

Rosenstein is now in charge of the Mueller probe and he has allowed Mueller and his band of Democratic operatives to expand far beyond investigating "Russian collusion." That includes investigating Trump for obstructing justice by firing James Comey. Even though Rosenstein was the one who recommended Comey's firing, he is now allowing Mueller to go after Trump for it.

Yes, it is that ridiculous…

The DOJ is saying that they will not be complying with Nunes' deadline. Paul Ryan is rushing to pressure Conservatives to stand down and ignore the fact that Rosenstein is defying a lawful subpoena to protect the Deep State.

Together, we have gotten it this far. We are 24 hours away from not only purging the Deep State but removing the man who has allowed Mueller to jump the rails.

We now have a deadline to hold these criminals in Contempt of Congress. And this is an opportunity we cannot afford to lose!

Tell Congress to hold the line! Send your instant message and FORCE them to hold Rod Rosenstein and the rest of his deep state allies in contempt and impeach them!

Together, we have fought tooth and nail to take this country back. But that can never happen as long as DOJ leadership is willing to protect the deep state and their crimes. And it will definitely never happen if we allow the GOP establishment to cover for them.

Trump ordered Rosenstein to hand over the documents. Rod Rosenstein defied the President as well. He is absolutely going rogue.

Congress has a constitutional duty to investigate this. The President of the United States has endorsed the Congressional investigation. Devin Nunes sent Rod Rosenstein a lawful subpoena for records and this one man believes he is above both the President and Congress.

He must be removed.

It is time to purge the Deep State!

Don't let them block this! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to impeach Rosenstein for defying these lawful Congressional subpoenas!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.