Last year, Paul Ryan joined with Pelosi and Schumer to stick it to President Trump. They passed a massive spending bill that prohibited President Trump from using any funding to build a border wall. None whatsoever.

The key language was that Trump was only allowed to upgrade existing fences and could only authorize border fence designs that had already been approved. Basically, this is the language that the Establishments agreed to in order to make sure that Trump's border wall prototypes never saw the light of day.

When President Trump announced that he was beginning border wall construction in Arizona and New Mexico, open border advocates laughed. They knew that Trump could only build the same dinky fences that were built under the Bush and Clinton administrations.

Then, Pres. Trump announced that he had given the green light to start building a border wall in California. Again, the GOPers and Democrats brushed it off.

Then, border wall construction began in California and all of the leftists and liberal Republicans spit out their coffee.

Instead of building an 8-14 foot fence the way previous Presidents did, Trump has ordered the new wall to be18-30 feet tall. And halfway up the wall is a newly designed "anti-climbing plate."

The GOP worked with the Democrats to make sure the border was kept unsecure and Trump just completely blew them off.

Now, the GOP leadership is meeting TODAY to discuss what to do now and Paul Ryan is demanding that this wall construction be halted!

Don't give up! Send your instant message to Congress and threaten to remove ANY Congressman or Senator who blocks the wall and backs amnesty!

I want to tell you the story of a man named Everardo Donoteo-Reyes. Right now, this man is facing a slew of charges: Illegal re-entry into the country, possession of forged documents, and is now the lead suspect in a woman's murder.

For weeks, police in New York State have been searching for a 1-year-old toddler who had gone missing. They have now called off that search after running out of leads and finding his mother's dead body. Everardo is the chief suspect in her murder and has already let slip to investigators that he was the one who buried her body.

This animal has already been deported before. He got back into the US and because of that, a woman is dead and a 1-year-old is hopelessly missing.

Then there is Jose Roberto Chavez. This illegal alien was deported previously, but just got arrested in New Mexico on charges that he sexually molested a child. He was able to get back into the country and victimize this child because the border was left unsecure.

In Massachusetts, a previously deported illegal alien named Walter DaSilva was just sentenced to life in prison after he illegally re-entered the United States so he could murder his daughter.

A previously deported illegal alien named Jose de Jesus Cordova-Saldana is now facing an 18-month prison sentence and deportation. Why? He got behind the wheel of his Chevy completely drunk and joyrode through Colorado Springs, firing guns indiscriminately out the window. He had been deported back in 2014 after being convicted of third-degree assault.

I could keep listing these cases for hours. These are just the cases that made news this week.

This is what Paul Ryan's open borders look like. This is what Mitch McConnell's inaction looks like. This is Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi's dream: Illegal alien criminals able to walk right into the country and victimize innocent Americans.

President Trump is starting the border wall construction anyway. But, he is about to run out of funding. He has moved the money around as best as he can, but he has only been able to approve tens of miles of new border walls. 

We cannot afford for the border to remain open any longer…

Out of time. Send your instant message to Congress and threaten to remove ANY Congressman or Senator who blocks the wall and backs amnesty!

This Thursday morning, the GOP leadership is locking the caucus behind closed doors to vote on immigration proposals. Whatever emerges from that conference will reach the floor.

But there are more than two-dozen Republicans who are demanding open borders and full amnesty. One of them is Congresswoman Mia Love (R-UT). She has been a rising star in the Republican Party for the past couple of years and was even given a speaking slot at the 2016 GOP Convention. Now, she is teaming up with Pelosi to force a vote on a clean amnesty bill. Her reasoning? 

"To me, it was all about getting a bill to the floor. Any of the bills, one of the bills, it didn't matter."

She doesn't care if Congress votes on an identical version of Obama's Dream Act. She just wants to pass something. How utterly pathetic.

Even if Conservatives are able to stop Paul Ryan from pushing amnesty through, Rep. Love and two dozen other Republican cowards are promising to team up with the Democrats to pass it anyway. If that happens, Trump's border wall would be completely blocked. No more loopholes for the President to take advantage of.

But we can still stop this. We can still pass full border wall funding before it's too late!

Now or never! Send your instant message to Congress and threaten to remove ANY Congressman or Senator who blocks the wall and backs amnesty!

When Congressman Jeff Denham (R-CA) began collecting signatures on his amnesty proposal — H.Res. 774 — Republicans started signing on en-masse. Since then, we have buried Congress in literally millions of FaxBlasts threatening to remove anyone who backed this suicide plan.

From the beginning, Denham and others said they had the votes to force the amnesty bill to the floor. Your activism has forced seven Republicans — Reps. D. Lamalfa (CA), G. Thompson (PA), J.A. Culberson (TX), F. Rooney (FL), S. DesJarlais (TN), D. Rohrabacher (CA), and D.A. Crawford (AR) — to back down and withdraw their support from the bill. This is unheard of.

This is why we fight. This is why we refuse to give up. The only reason these GOP cowards are teaming up with the Democrats is because they think they can get away with it. 

You and other likeminded Conservatives are literally proving them wrong and they're dropping like flies.

We have reached the "now or never" point. President Trump is running out of border wall funding and the GOP is holding its immigration vote in less than 48 hours.

You have already forced 7 Republicans to back down and deny Pelosi her victory. Now it is time to finish this!

Don't let the Establishment win! Send your message to Congress and threaten to remove ANY Congressman or Senator who blocks the wall and backs amnesty!

Now or never,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.