Last year, we learned that the Trump administration was drafting a regulation to reclassify semi-automatic rifles as civilian firearms. That day has finally come and Democrats are promising to block him!

After 500 days in office, President Trump has turned his focus towards protecting the 2nd Amendment and liberal and establishment gun control advocates in Congress are furious!

The Clinton administration made gun control its priority. Bill Clinton signed the "assault weapon ban," but the law was allowed to sunset after ten years. However, the Clinton administration took steps to make sure that future Presidents would be able to restrict the 2nd Amendment at will. One of those was classifying semi-automatic rifles as "military hardware."

The Clinton administration implemented restrictions on what gun manufacturers are allowed to export to other countries. Even though not a single military on earth has a semi-automatic rifle as their standard issue weapon, Clinton declared that these types of rifles were still "weapons of war." He lumped civilian guns into the same class as grenades and machine guns.

Even to this day, liberal judges around the country have upheld state gun bans using the anti-gun language that Clinton implemented by executive fiat. 

Trump is now fighting back! President Trump is removing the term "assault weapon" from the Federal register entirely and classifying semi-automatic guns as civilian firearms, not military weapons.

This is a big deal. The Obama administration took the groundwork that Clinton had laid and went even further to restrict the 2nd Amendment. While Clinton banned the export of semi-automatic rifles, Barack Obama went beyond and actually banned gun designs. Obama actually went after Americans for sharing gun designs, arguing that merely putting them on the internet constituted a firearm export. This is obviously unconstitutional and a violation of the 1st Amendment's free speech protections. 

Trump is eliminating all of this language and gun control advocates aren't happy at all.

Over the past two months, we have seen dozens of Republican Congressmen and Senators abandon the 2nd Amendment. They think this is the only way they can win re-election. 

Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL) declared that Americans would need to lose some of their 2nd Amendment rights. Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) has also declared he is supporting the left's gun ban proposal now.

All told, we've counted at least two dozen Republicans in the House alone who have caved on the 2nd Amendment. Now, Democrats are making their move!

Fight for the 2nd Amendment! Tell Congress to stop the Left from repealing President Trump's new pro-gun executive action!

Democrats are rallying to block President Trump from abolishing these gun control regulations. They don't have the votes right now to pass a new assault weapon ban, but they do have the votes to restore these Clinton and Obama gun control orders.

When President Trump took office, he teamed up with Congress to use the Congressional Review Act to repeal 16 different Obama executive orders. The best part of this mechanism is that regulations can be repealed with just a simple majority vote in both the House and the Senate.

Here's the problem. Democrats can bypass Paul Ryan entirely and force a vote on Trump's new executive action. We have already seen the Left team up with cowardly Republicans to hold a CRA vote against the FEC's net neutrality order. That vote passed the Senate. Now, we are seeing Democrats and liberal Republicans using the discharge petition process to force a vote on amnesty in the House.

Across the board, the GOP leadership is caving. The Left sees they are making progress. Now, they are launching a new push to reverse the Trump administration's new pro-gun order.

All they need is for 25 Republicans to join them in the House and for two Republicans to join them in the Senate and they can drag us back into these Clinton-Obama regulations.

We've been keeping track of GOP 2nd Amendment betrayals. We've counted at least two dozen GOP Congressmen and three Senators flipping to back the Left's gun control plans. If Democrats haven't hit the magic number yet, they are just a handful of votes away from hitting it…

This isn't just about deciding what guns are allowed to be exported to foreign countries. This is a fight over whether Americans should even be allowed to own semi-automatic rifles.

Last week, a Memphis man returned home to find two armed burglars in his house. The home invaders opened fire on the man, but he was able to grab his semi-automatic AK-47 and kill both of the attackers. 

This man used a semi-automatic rifle to defend himself against two armed attackers. It leveled the playing field and saved his life. If the Democrats had their way, the rifle he used would be banned and he would be dead.

Not on Trump's watch! The Trump administration is taking serious steps to protect the 2nd Amendment for decades to come. For years, semi-automatic rifles have been classified as military weapons and judges have used this language to uphold state-level gun bans. If this new regulation goes through, we can finally start tearing down these unconstitutional gun bans.

Do NOT let these anti-gun cowards drag us back into the Obama years!

Push forward! Tell Congress to STOP the left from repealing Trump's new pro-gun regulations!

There's nothing particularly "sexy" about obscure government regulations. It's not fun to pore through thousands of pages of government regulations. But this one is really important. 

President Trump is tearing down yet another Barack Obama and Bill Clinton accomplishment and just as he is about to succeed, Democrats and liberal Republicans want to stop him.

You CANNOT let this happen.

We have a chance right now to remove the term "assault weapon" from the federal register entirely. Cowardly Republicans are already jumping at a chance to show Democrat voters that they're for gun control.

Ronald Reagan famously said that Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. 

Right now, we are a so close to restoring our freedom, but only if we FIGHT!

Don't let them get away with this! Send your instant message to Congress now and DEMAND they block the left's new plan to repeal Trump's pro-gun regulations!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.