For weeks, we have been asking a very simple question: what did Barack Obama know and when did he know it?

We knew that disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok had texted his mistress in the DOJ that "the White House is running this." He was talking about the Trump-Russia witch hunt.

We know that just hours before Trump took the oath of office, Susan Rice sent herself an email promising that Obama told James Comey to make sure he investigated Trump "by the book." Innocent people don't email themselves notes like this minutes before being fired…

Then, right before leaving office, Obama signed an executive order to allow the intelligence agencies to share evidence with one another. This was to put the Trump Dossier and the spy evidence in as many Deep State hands as possible before Trump took over.

When news broke that the DOJ and FBI had used confidential informants to infiltrate and spy on the Trump campaign, what we had suspected for so long became unavoidable. There is no way that the Obama administration spied on a political campaign without the White House knowing about it.

We were right.

John Soloman from The Hill is fighting to release a new bombshell report that shows the Obama White House tried to take over the Trump-Russia investigation. Multiple FBI agents apparently kept a paper trail detailing how the Obama White House tried to take over the investigation and how agents were worried it was for political reasons!

 Finish this! Tell Congress right now that they MUST remove every single Deep State official who has defied Congressional subpoenas to protect Mueller's witch hunt!

Enough is enough. I've had enough with the beating around the bush.

This wasn't an investigation, it was a political witch hunt. Peter Strzok wrote in text messages that the Trump investigation was an "insurance policy" in case that Hillary Clinton lost. This was the same agent who edited James Comey's statement to let Hillary Clinton off the hook.

Now, we know that there is a legitimate paper trail showing that the Obama White House was trying to control the investigation.

As the investigation was just starting to ramp up, there are internal FBI documents showing FBI agents talking about the [Obama] White House trying to take over the investigation. Fears that the Justice Department were going to leak for political reasons," Solomon said on Sean Hannity's show last night.

But he didn't stop there. Solomon also let slip that his bombshell new report will show that the surveillance on the Trump campaign started long before the FBI officially began its investigation on July 31, 2016.

Why is this important? Because if the FBI didn't formally launch an investigation but were still spying on Donald Trump's campaign, then not only would that be illegal, but it would be unconstitutional!

What did Obama know? Everything.

When did he know it? The very beginning!

 Help finish this! Tell Congress right now to hold ALL of these DOJ Deep Staters in Contempt of Congress, seize the evidence they're hiding, and remove them from office!

These are the very documents that Congress has been demanding for months. However, the Deep State continues to ignore Congress' subpoenas in order to protect the Obama cabal.

But now, they are starting to leak out to reporters.

We know why the Deep State is doing this. They know that if the American people learn how the Trump-Russia investigation started, Mueller will have to be shut down. The Deep State sees Mueller as the last chance to reverse the 2016 election. They are willing to do anything to keep this evidence secret.

It is time to hold these Obama-era criminals accountable and it is time to bust through the Deep State that is defending them. 

We now have an investigative reporter claiming that evidence exists that the Obama White House tried to take over the Trump-Russia witch hunt. 

But time and time again, the GOP claims that there's nothing they can do. They are wrong.

Congress has the power to remove these Deep State officials and to use the Sergeant at Arms to seize the documents they are hiding.

Now that we know the Obama White House was calling the shots, there is no other option. 

Fight back! Send your instant message to Congress and demand they hold all of these Deep State officials in Contempt and remove them for defying these Congressional subpoenas!

Arrest them all,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.