President Trump is on a tear. Yesterday, he ripped into the GOP establishment for trying to surrender to the Left on immigration.

Now, he's going after Robert Mueller's sham investigation and putting these crooked investigators on notice!

"This whole Russia Probe is Rigged. Just an excuse as to why the Dems and Crooked Hillary lost the Election and States that haven't been lost in decades. 13 Angry Democrats, and all Dems if you include the people who worked for Obama for 8 years.

When will the 13 Angry Democrats (& those who worked for President O), reveal their disqualifying conflicts of interest? It's been a long time now! Will they be indelibly written into the Report along with the fact that the only Collusion is with the Dems, DOJ, FBI and Russia?"

But then Trump really laid into the Mueller probe, accusing them of literally ruining lives to play politics.

"Who's going to give back the young and beautiful lives (and others) that have been devastated and destroyed by the phony Russia Collusion Witch Hunt? They journeyed down to Washington D.C., with stars in their eyes and wanting to help our nation… They went back home in tatters!"

This witch hunt has gone on long enough. Not only has it prevented the President from doing his job, but it has ruined so many lives. And for what? To create an excuse for Hillary Clinton's embarrassingly pathetic election loss? 

Trump is demanding the probe be shut down right now and he's absolutely right!

End Mueller's witch hunt now! Send your instantly delivered message to Congress now and FORCE them to pass the DeSantis bill and shut Mueller down for good!

Remember a few months ago when Robert Mueller indicted a bunch of Russian online trolls? They hired a lawyer and showed up to their hearing demanding "discovery," which would require Mueller to hand over all of his evidence.

Mueller never expected them to show up. He thought it would be a quick and easy victory to convict them in absentia. Now, he is begging a judge to delay the trial. The Constitution grants all people the right to a speedy trial in the United States. Mueller is asking a Federal judge to violate the Constitution and push the trial back. The whole thing is a sham.

But do you know who doesn't think it is a sham? The GOP leadership. Mitch McConnell just told a reporter that he supports the Mueller investigation. Even with all of the conflicts of interest and bullying tactics, not to mention the fact that evidence was collected illegally and in coordination with the Clinton campaign… McConnell believes Mueller should be able to investigate the President as long as he wants.

And Mueller is demanding that Trump sit down for an interview. They want to pepper him with questions to catch him in a lie that they can refer to Congress for impeachment. This isn't about getting to the truth. This isn't about investigating collusion. This is about destroying President Trump and his allies. That is Mueller's sole goal.

Rudy Giuliani came out yesterday and said that Trump is far more likely to sit and meet with Kim Jung Un than he is with Robert Mueller. Trump is fighting back.

Now, conservatives in Congress are fighting back too and they have a plan.

Representative Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has re-introduced a bill. It is essentially one sentence long meant to be added to the next round of spending bills (due this summer).

"None of the funds made available by this Act may be used to fund activities pursuant to Department of Justice Order 3915-2017."

DOJ Order 3915-2017 is what created Robert Mueller's investigation. The DeSantis bill would cut off all of the funding to Robert Mueller's witch hunt. Mueller wouldn't even be able to keep the lights on if this bill passes.

The Deep State is trying to go after Trump for resisting the Mueller probe. They are accusing him of obstructing justice, simply for exercising his Constitutional powers. If he ended the Mueller witch hunt, they'd arrest him on the spot.

Congress has to be the one to shut Mueller down and only you can demand it 

End Mueller's witch hunt now! Send your instantly delivered message to Congress now and FORCE them to pass the DeSantis bill and shut Mueller down for good!

There never was any collusion. The only charges that Mueller has filed that had anything to do with the election — against the Russian trolls — is falling apart. Everyone else who has been indicted was charged with crimes that had NOTHING to do with the 2016 election.

Mueller's sole goal is to take Trump down.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. These are soviet tactics. When Josef Stalin wanted to destroy an opponent, he would have their entire lives investigated until the police found something the politician was doing wrong. If they couldn't find anything, then they would just invent crimes.

That is exactly what is happening here. This is a Deep State coup to reverse the 2016 election and only Congress can put a stop to it!

But they can't do it alone.

End Mueller's witch hunt now! Send your instantly delivered message to Congress now and FORCE them to pass the DeSantis bill and shut Mueller down for good!


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.