A week ago, Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo filed a discharge petition to force a vote on a clean amnesty bill. Under the House rules, the Speaker of the House — in this case, Paul Ryan — gets to decide which bills come up for a vote and which die in committee. But the Founders knew that this was too much power to vest in one individual. So, they designed a parliamentary maneuver called a "discharge petition." If legislation has enough supporters to theoretically pass a final vote, then those co-sponsors can sign onto the discharge petition and force it.

Under the current rules, it takes 218 signatories on a discharge petition to force a vote. Rep. Curbelo claims he has the votes…

We have been keeping a close eye on this petition. Over the past week, we have literally buried Congress under close to 150k FaxBlasts. These are individual messages from American voters demanding that Congress stand down and block this clean amnesty bill to the floor.

On the first day of the discharge petition, 17 Republicans signed on. On day two, after Conservative Daily members had their say, only one Republican — Rep. Stephen Knight (CA) — signed on. Since then, we've heard nothing but crickets.

Now we know why. Our activism was so powerful that it terrified the pro-amnesty bloc of the GOP. Many of these Congressmen and Senators were facing tough primaries and didn't want to risk coming out for amnesty just days before they were on the ballot.

Curbelo and Rep. Jeff Denham (CA) — another co-sponsor — have been telling amnesty supporters behind closed doors that they have the votes, but that the GOP signers were too scared to attach their name to the petition until after the May 15 primaries.

Today is May 16 and they are already making the rounds claiming victory. They claim they now have the enough votes to force a clean amnesty bill to the floor. On paper they have 18 Republicans. That means they have convinced 7 other GOPers to side with the Democrats…

Stop this amnesty surrender before it's too late! Tell Congress now to stand down on this amnesty surrender or else face the consequences!

It is time to fight with everything you've got. The GOP establishment and Democrats want to put a take-it or leave-it immigration bill onto Trump's desk, one that gives amnesty (and a pathway to citizenship) to all of Obama's illegal aliens without funding the wall, cracking down on sanctuary cities, or dealing with the immigration lottery or chain migration.

It isn't just the Democrats on this. We now have confirmation that more than two dozen Republicans have agreed to team up with the Left to push this amnesty bill. Theoretically, that is all they need to not only force a vote but also to send the bill to the Senate.

We've already seen what happens in the Senate when an amnesty bill comes along. The most dangerous place in the world to be is in between a Republican Senator and a bill to legalize illegal aliens… When the Senate put four different immigration bills up for a vote earlier this spring, the legislation that received the most votes was actually the clean amnesty bill.

President Trump is pushing for border security. That includes a border wall and giving Border Patrol the power to turn illegal aliens away. It includes shutting down sanctuary cities and making sure that we have a merit-based immigration system.

The Establishment is desperate to block that. They want no-questions-asked amnesty with an open border to let as many illegal aliens in.

And now, they claim they have the necessary votes.

But here is the good news: The signatures have not been added yet. They claim they have the votes, but they don't have the ink on the paper yet.

The pressure we are putting on Congress is working. Just last week, yet another Republican withdrew their support from the amnesty bill. The fact that these Republican traitors knew enough to wait until after yesterday's primaries proves that they're terrified of you.

Now, it's time to reinforce that fear and drop the hammer on every Congressman and Senator DEMANDING they stand down on this amnesty plot!

Don't let these establishment traitors surrender on amnesty! Fight back and FORCE Congress to kill this amnesty discharge petition before it's too late!

We have never been closer to amnesty defeat. But at the same time, with President Trump in office, we are so close to finally taking this country back and securing the border.

Now is the time to fight. Fight for this country. Fight for our future.

And when we win, you can tell your children and grand-children that you you fought for them. 

When my grand-children and great-grandchildren ask what I did to save this country, I want the answer to be "everything I possibly could."

What do you want your answer to be?

Don't let them get away with this! Send your instant message to all of Congress and FORCE them to kill this amnesty discharge petition before it's too late!

Now or never,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.

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