Yesterday, I warned you that GOP traitors were working with Democrats to push a clean amnesty bill (aka no border security) through. Hours after we sent our daily email warning you what they were doing, they launched their plan.

Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo (shown above) officially filed a discharge petition yesterday to force a vote on his amnesty bill.

Under the House and Senate rules, the leadership gets to decide which bills reach the floor. Up until now, Paul Ryan has been blocking these bills from coming to the floor. He knows that if they reach the floor, there will be enough GOP turncoats to push it through.

But Paul Ryan technically doesn't have the final say. It is possible to bypass him entirely and force a vote on legislation if a majority of Congressmen sign onto it. The logic is that if 218 Republicans and Democrats support a bill, then it has enough votes to pass and should not be blocked. This process is called a "Discharge Petition" and there is a similar mechanism in the Senate.

Rep. Curbelo filed his discharge petition yesterday. At the start, he had five Republican co-sponsors. The GOP leadership rushed yesterday to kill this petition before they reached the magic number. If every Democrat signs on and they get 25 Republican traitors, then they can bypass Ryan and the leadership and force a vote.

By the end of the day yesterday, the petition had at least 17 Republicans on board. I say at least because there are close to a dozen others debating whether to sign on. Today, they technically need just seven more to sign on and they can make their amnesty dreams a reality.

 Stop these RINO traitors from making Obama’s amnesty permanent! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and force them to kill the discharge petition before it's too late!

This is not a drill. We have already seen what happened when these amnesty bills came up for a vote in the Senate. They received enough support to pass. Now, the House RINOs are trying to push their Dream Act amnesty bill through the House.

A lot of these RINOs believe that they're untouchable. They think that they can stab you in the back without facing any consequences. 

We have been battling this bill — the Dream Act — for the past six years. Over that time frame, we have sent close to 10 million FaxBlasts demanding that the GOP leadership block Obama's amnesty dreams from being signed into law.

We forced John Boehner to stand down. We forced Mitch McConnell to stand down. We even forced Paul Ryan to stand down.

Now, the Republican traitors have figured out how to bypass the GOP leadership entirely. They have teamed up with the Democrats to put Obama's Dream Act onto the floor and force Trump to sign it.

17 Republicans have signed it. NY Rep. John Katko has also agreed to sign onto it, as long as the petition has enough signatures to succeed. Democrats have promised to all sign on once 25 Republican names are on it. 

That puts the GOP traitors just SEVEN votes away from doing what Obama never could: passing a clean amnesty bill that legalizes hundred of thousands of illegal aliens. They have got 52 Republicans to sign on and support the amnesty plan. They just need to convince seven of them to go even further.

We're out of time. If we don't stop this now, it will be too late.

Everything we have fought for years comes down to this. Not just to stop Obama and the Democrats' amnesty push, but also to fully secure the border and to hold illegal alien criminals, and the sanctuary cities that harbor them, accountable.

They're not just trying to resurrect Obama's amnesty. This bill would kill President Trump's conservative immigration agenda.

Listen: if every Senate Republican who voted for amnesty in 2013 does so again, it will pass. If this discharge petition succeeds, it will pass in the House.

It is literally now or never. Please, fight back and stop this RINO amnesty sabotage from succeeding!

We held the line when Obama tried to push this through in 2013. We held the line and defeated Hillary Clinton to make sure this type of amnesty never saw the light of day.

Now it is time to fight back and stop these RINOs from making this amnesty permanent!

Please, send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to kill the discharge petition and stop this amnesty surrender in its tracks!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.