Rep. Mark Meadows, the head of the Freedom Caucus, has officially declared he will force a vote to hold Deep State officials in Contempt of Congress for defying their lawful subpoenas. And he now has a crucial GOP ally…

Last week, the Department of Justice defied another lawful Congressional subpoena for records on the Trump-Russia witch hunt.

Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein had promised to comply with all of Congress' subpoenas. Yet, last Thursday, another deadline came and went with the Deep Staters ignoring these demands entirely. They flat-out told Congress that they would not be handing over 

"Last week, Chairman Devin Nunes sent a subpoena to the DOJ with a deadline of Thursday. Once again, the DOJ ignored the request and will not comply," Meadows declared. "Same story – more obstruction. It's time to hold DOJ officials in Contempt of Congress."

So, it's not only the Freedom Caucus. Chairman Devin Nunes is also on board. The President is on board as well.

The time to strike is now!

Help finish this! Tell Congress right now to hold ALL of these DOJ Deep Staters in Contempt of Congress and remove them from office!

Congress has requested the documents behind the Trump-Russia witch hunt. The Deep State is going all out to stop this information from getting out because they know it will show just how corrupt the whole thing is.

The only way defeat the Deep State is to remove everyone who is blocking Congress from investigating.

This isn't just about holding Rod Rosenstein in Contempt… This is about holding ALL of the Deep Staters in the DOJ and FBI accountable for their actions. Including Jeff Sessions.

Yes, that's right, Jeff Sessions as well. The man who single handedly allowed this witch hunt to continue by recusing himself. Now, he is allowing the DOJ to openly defy Congressional subpoenas so they can cover it all up.

"The only thing left to do is we have to move quickly to hold the Attorney General of the United States in contempt," Nunes declared over the weekend, "and that is what I will press for this week."

The Deep Staters are trying to hide behind the White House. They're claiming that President Trump told them to withhold the documents from Congress. That's a lie.

President Trump blasted back and gave Meadows and Nunes the green light to go after whoever they need to. 

Last week, we told you that the Freedom Caucus was working on this. Today, we have never been closer to finally holding these Deep State actors accountable for their crimes. The articles of impeachment have been drafted.

Now, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is onboard. He has promised a vote. This is a big deal.

But the rest of the GOP and Democrat establishments are trying desperately to block this from moving forward.

Impeachment now! Send your instant message to Congress and demand they hold all of these Deep State officials in Contempt and remove them for defying these Congressional subpoenas!

We have the support of the Freedom Caucus. We have the support of the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. And we have the support of the President of the United States.

We have never — never — been this close to purging the Deep State. 

The articles of impeachment have been drafted. Now, the head of a Congressional committee has promised to schedule the vote.

All of the momentum is behind us, but we're not there yet. The Establishment is still holding it back. They are pulling out all of the stops to protect the leadership in the DOJ and FBI from being removed.

You have a real chance — right now — to blow the DOJ/FBI cover-up wide open AND end the Deep State's witch hunt against President Trump.

If you won't fight to purge the Deep State, who will?

 Finish this! Tell Congress right now that they MUST remove every single Deep State official who has defied Congressional subpoenas to protect Mueller's witch hunt!


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.