This week, 9th Circuit Appeals Judge Stephen Reinhardt passed away unexpectedly.

He was first appointed to the bench by President Jimmy Carter and has been a liberal voice on the activist 9th Circuit for well over generation. He is the one who overturned California's ban on gay marriage and just in the past year, he has issued multiple immigration rulings against President Trump.

This judge just met The Judge. We will never wish ill on the dead or celebrate a judge's death, but we now have an opportunity to change the 9th Circuit for the next quarter century or more.

Reinhardt's passing now leaves THREE vacancies on the liberal activist 9th Circuit Court. In many ways, this is just as important as a Supreme Court vacancy.

And yet, Mitch McConnell is sticking to his guns and letting Liberal Democrats block these critical nominations!

Push forward! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they bust through this Democrat obstruction and immediately confirm President Trump's judicial nominees!

After Reinhardt's passing, California Senator Dianne Feinstein issued a press release praising the late-Judge and promising to make sure that his replacement represents California values.

"I am fully committed to ensuring that Ninth Circuit nominees reflect our state's communities and values and are well-regarded by their local bench and bar," Feinstein said in a press release.

This is important. While the Nuclear Option stops Democrats from filibustering judicial nominees, Feinstein can still block Trump's picks. All because Mitch McConnell is clinging to the Senate rules…

The Senate has a process known as "blue slips." In order for any judicial nominee to receive a final vote, the Senators from their home state must hand in their blue slips. If a judge is nominated to fill a vacancy in California, then both of California's Senators must agree to let the vote move forward. Democrats have been refusing to hand their blue slips in, essentially blocking qualified judicial nominees from being confirmed in liberal states. They don't want Trump to be able to place Conservatives onto liberal Courts.

Senator Chuck Grassley ignored the blue slip rule earlier this year to push through one of Trump's nominees, but Democrats are promising to put up the fight of their lives to stop Trump from putting Conservatives into the 9th Circuit. Almost 20% of the Senate's Democrats live in 9th Circuit states. Already, we are seeing Establishment Republicans caving on the blue slip issue…

Mitch McConnell and the cowards in the GOP are apparently perfectly fine with that. The 9th Circuit has had two vacancies for well over a year now and McConnell just let the seats stay open. Republicans have the votes to put anyone onto the bench and McConnell is more interested in preserving the Left's power…

This has to stop.

Democrats are hoping to retake Congress in this November's midterm elections. A net gain of just two Senate seats would give Democrats the votes to permanently block Trump's nominations.

Don't let Mitch McConnell cave on this!

 Fight for American Conservatism! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they bust through this Democrat obstruction and immediately confirm President Trump's judicial nominees!

We have the ability to put three true Conservatives onto the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Do you have any idea how huge this is?

Think of all of the activist decisions that have come out of the 9th Circuit over the years. Now imagine what those decisions would have looked like with more Conservatives on the bench.

Mitch McConnell had to be forced to invoke the nuclear option to fill the Supreme Court vacancy last year. He didn't want to have to go nuclear. He would have much rather approved a "compromise" Justice. Instead, Conservatives like you FORCED him to act.

The same must be done again.

All it takes to block Trump's nominations is for California's Democrat Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris to say they don't like the nominees. If even just one of these Leftist Senators refuse to hand in their blue slips, then the seats will remain vacant even if the votes are there in the full chamber.

Mitch McConnell cares more about preserving the Senate's rules than he does about taking this country back.

It is your job – no, it is your duty – to force Congress to intervene!

Hold McConnell's feet to the fire! Please, send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they bust through this Democrat obstruction and immediately confirm President Trump's judicial nominees!

We have a chance to bring Conservatism back. Don't let this moment pass you by…


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.