The number of Obama holdovers left in government is staggering. We are talking about hundreds of high-level positions that are still held by Obama appointees because the Senate refuses to confirm President Trump's nominees.

Worst, perhaps, are the Obama holdovers left in the State Department. News broke this week that the State Department was actually the one that funneled the Clinton-funded Trump dossier to the FBI. These people are despicable. They are more committed to destroying Trump than they are to serving the country.

Now, a new report details that these Obama holdovers are ignoring President Trump's decision to leave the United Nation's climate treaty.

Obama signed the treaty. He never put it to a ratification vote in the Senate. Nevertheless, the UN is still forcing the US to stay in the treaty until the year 2020. They are forcing Trump to honor Obama's signature.

So what are the Obama holdovers doing? They're moving full steam ahead with the Obama climate agenda. They are continuing to work with the United Nations. 

Aleksi Harkonen is a climate official at the UN from Finland. He was asked recently by Reuters on the status of the United States' withdrawal from the agreement.

"We really don't detect any change with the Americans," he told a reporter.

That is because there is no change. Trump cut off the donations that Obama promised to the UN but the Obama holdovers are still moving forward with the plan to surrender our sovereignty.

Obama never had Congress ratify the treaty. Only Congress can reassert its authority and STOP this and only you can force them to!

 Send your FaxBlast and bombard Congress before it's too late! Tell Congress they MUST use the power of the purse and stop these Obama holdovers from pushing forward with the UN Climate Treaty!

Myron Ebell is Trump's former environmental advisor. He blew the whistle this week on these Obama holdovers defying the President. "I am concerned that much of our climate policy remains on auto-pilot," he said.

With Secretary of State Rex Tillerson being fired, the Obama holdovers are now rushing to surrender as much to the United Nations as they can before the next Secretary is confirmed.

The result is that the United Nations is actually saying that they expect the United States to rejoin the unconstitutionally signed Paris Climate Agreement.

Congress must smack the UN back down. They must defend American sovereignty and withdraw fully from this sham treaty.

Congress has to vote on a massive spending bill by the end of next week. That legislation will dictate what policies and programs are allowed to access treasury funds. 

The Founding Fathers knew that a day would come when a President would try to unilaterally sign an international treaty (which is what Obama did). To protect against this, the Founders gave Congress what is known as the "power of the purse." If the executive goes too far, then Congress can pull the rug out from under them.

We can stop all of this by defunding these programs.

The Conservative Freedom Caucus is making a push to use this power to defund what is left from the Obama administration. That includes the Obama holdovers secretly moving forward with this unconstitutional UN climate treaty!

But they need your help! They need you to rise up and DEMAND that Congress stop these Obama holdovers from helping the United Nations' impose their radical climate treaty.

Send your FaxBlast and bombard Congress before it's too late! Tell Congress they MUST use the power of the purse and stop these Obama holdovers from pushing forward with the UN Climate Treaty!


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.