The deadline for Congress to pass a spending bill is March 23. But since the Senate is incompetent, the House needs to pass its bill by March 16 in order to give the Senate enough time to consider it.

President Trump and the White House issued a reminder to Congress that the border wall is non-negotiable.

Since President Trump's election, Congress has voted on a spending bill a half dozen times. Each time, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell kick the can down the road, promising that the border wall will make it into the next spending package. That is always a lie.

So, Trump has issued the demand of all demands. If Congress doesn't fund the wall, not only will he shut down the government, but the deportations will begin.

Rumors were circling around Washington DC this week that John McCain was going to be stepping down. Now, we're hearing a different story that he is going to make a last trip to DC to try to get his amnesty passed.

Just like he rushed back to Washington to kill the bill to repeal Obamacare, McCain wants to be the one that makes Obama's amnesty permanent!

The bill is called the USA Act. It would give amnesty to all of Obama's illegals without giving a cent to build a border wall. In fact, it would actually make it illegal for Trump to build a wall. John McCain is co-sponsoring this bill in the Senate.

McCain is coming back to DC just to push his amnesty bill. He believes he has the votes in the Senate.

On the House side, there are already 27 Republican Congressmen who have signed onto a clean amnesty bill and are ready to vote for it. If every Democrat votes for it, then it has the votes to pass with these Republican traitors. Just this week, Colorado "Republican" Mike Coffman filed a discharge petition to send an amnesty bill directly to a floor vote.

This has the votes to pass the House. Amnesty advocates are hoping that McCain can drum up support in the Senate.

If that happens, Obama's amnesty will be permanent and the border will be left wide open. President Trump would be barred from building a wall.

This is the ultimate betrayal. But we still have time! We still have time to stop this from passing, but only if we act right now!

It takes 218 votes to pass legislation in the House. If these 27 open border Republicans vote with the 193 Democrats, they can pass this bill with two votes to spare.

This is how real the threat is. They are knocking on the door with this…

President Trump is threatening to veto the bill. That is why it is so surprising to see these amnesty Republicans moving forward with this.

Right now, the only thing stopping amnesty from passing Congress is the fact that the GOP leadership is blocking. But as we've seen in the House, Paul Ryan cannot block this bill. A discharge petition is already making the rounds to force a vote on the amnesty bill. 

They have the votes. It is up to YOU to derail them!

Please, help stop these Republican cowards from forcing amnesty down our throats! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to kill this McCain amnesty bill!

If you won't fight back, who will?

If you won't stand up for this country, who will?

Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.