Tomorrow is March 5, the day that President Trump promised he would end Obama's amnesty program.

Trump announced the end date back in September. Instead of ending it immediately, he gave illegal immigrants 6 months notice and told Congress that if they didn't act, he would abolish the unconstitutional amnesty program.

Since then. we have seen Trump use amnesty as leverage for the rest of his immigration agenda. He offered Democrats a compromise if they would agree to grant him the authority to do things like crackdown on sanctuary cities and build the border wall.

The deadline was the only thing that was forcing Democrats to the table. If they wouldn't authorize a border wall, Trump would begin deporting their so-called "dreamers."

But Barack Obama's amnesty program will not end tomorrow. Activist judges in California and New York — Judges William Alsup and Nicholas Garaufis — have issued injunctions prohibiting Trump from ending the unconstitutional amnesty. Both are Clinton appointees.

Obama created this amnesty out of thin air. He had absolutely no legal or constitutional basis to grant work permits to illegal aliens. These courts believe that Obama had the right to use an executive order to grant amnesty, but now they are saying Trump doesn't have the power to end it. 

The Supreme Court? They kicked the can down the road. The Justices refused to hear the administration's emergency appeal, leaving the activist judges' rulings in place.

Fight back before it is too late! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to end Obama's amnesty programs and pass the President's border security proposals!

Democrats and Establishment Republicans are ecstatic. Trump's deadline was actually working. The prospect of kicking illegal aliens out of the country terrified the left and GOP leadership. 

But now that these activist judges — and that is what they are, liberal activists — have blocked Trump, Congress is just going to let the ruling stand.

Let's be real here: These activist judges never questioned whether Obama could invent an amnesty program out of thin air. They have all ruled that the President has the right to create amnesty programs.

But now that Trump is using the same exact power to end the program, they are declaring that it can't be done. A judge in New York even went so far as saying that Trump has to keep the program running because he has said bad things about illegal aliens during the campaign. Yes, the judge believes Trump can't end the amnesty program because he's racist…

This is getting out of control. The appeal to the Supreme Court was supposed to end this madness, but the Justices have declined to take the case. That means that it will go back to the 9th Circuit for appeals.

The activist 9th Circuit… The most anti-Trump Circuit Court in the entire country… The most overturned Circuit Court in America…

Where is Congress? They're celebrating.

Liberals only care about amnesty. Trump offered a trade: amnesty for Obama's illegals in exchange for a border wall and serious changes to America's legal immigration policy. Neither the GOP or Democrats wanted to build a border wall, but were going to do it in order to 'save the dreamers.'

Both parties want open borders. This activist ruling now allows them to keep the amnesty going without having to secure the border. They are sitting on their hands and letting the March 5 deadline come and go…

Fight back before it is too late! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to end Obama's amnesty programs and pass the President's border security proposals!

Illegal border crossings are already rising. Foreigners are seeing that the amnesty program was saved and the border was kept open. It makes complete sense that they would see this as their chance to sneak into the US.

We told you about Abigail Hernandez, one of Obama's 'dreamers.' She threatened last month to go and shoot up her school, calling her classmates names that are so vile that, quite frankly, I'm not comfortable with including in this email. She was a DACA recipient. Now she's in jail for threatening to kill her classmates. This is who the Establishment is protecting. These are the types of people who they want to keep in the country.

Nancy Pelosi actually went out last week and called illegal aliens being targeted by the Trump administration "hard working, law-abiding" and "patriotic." 

President Trump was all set to end the amnesty program tomorrow. But thanks to the Supreme Court refusing to hear the case, Trump now must continue accepting amnesty applications. This is shameful.

But what is even more shameful is that Congress is just going to let it happen. A little over a year ago, Congress was actually suing the Obama administration to end the amnesty. Now, they are celebrating the Courts saving it. 

Only you can stop this.

Please, do not go quietly on this.

Please, do not allow these activist judges to rewrite immigration law to make Obama's amnesty permanent.

Fight back before it is too late! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to end Obama's amnesty programs and pass the President's border security proposals!


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Max McGuire

Max McGuire is the Advocacy Director of Conservative Daily and holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from Villanova University.